High Ticket Affiliate Programs Are the Ticket to Maximizing Profit

Brooklyn, NY -- David Lelong, an Internet entrepreneur and coach, has selected iPas2, a front-end marketing system for a high ticket affiliate program that helps participants produce multiple streams of income. On his website, DavidLelong.com, he explains on video how high ticket affiliate programs work, the simplicity of promoting one, and the profit one can turn from pursuing this type of affiliate marketing.

In his nearly fifteen-minute video, Lelong explains the concept of high ticket affiliate programs, which typically allow you to earn commissions of at least $1,000, all the way up to the $10,000 to $20,000 range. High ticket products are more expensive than low ticket products, which typically cost less than $100, and the commissions are much smaller. In the world of high ticket programs, far fewer customers are needed in order to generate a full-time income for an affiliate.

According to Lelong, high ticket affiliate programs are an easier way to earn income as an affiliate marketer. With iPas2, an affiliate isn't actually required to sell anything. All he or she has to do is promote and drive traffic to the system, and a professional sales team will then sell the high ticket products.

“You can get much higher revenue [in high ticket affiliate programs],” Lelong says in the video. “You can leverage a proven system, so when you find a program out there, you leverage that. In the beginning, you don't have to do this on your own. There are actually systems out there that have everything for you. It's all put together. It's much like a franchise model [in which] you're buying into being a franchise owner, and you can start promoting.”

As the founder of DavidLelong.com, Lelong brings a decade's worth of online marketing experience to his business which helps Internet marketers step up their performance. He has a background in product marketing for startup companies, and now he shows local businesses and individuals how to generate leads and drive Internet traffic.

About iPas2

iPas2 is a revolutionary online marketing formula that helps people create multiple streams of income by following a simple formula. Highly trained professional business coaches are available to teach members how to most effectively build their businesses. For more information and to create an iPas2 account, visit http://ipaslaunch.com.


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