High Quality Salon Equipment Shipped Directly To Consumers

QXPRO USA produces high quality salon equipment and furniture shipped to salon barber shop or spa directly form their factory assembly line.

Wholesale salon equipment and furniture, for barber and beauty shops. High quality, affordable and unique. Call QXPRO at 1-888-501-1315.

QXPRO USA produces high quality salon equipment and furniture shipped to salon barber shop or spa directly form their factory assembly line. This is not usual practice in this industry. If we take a look salon equipment industry we can see multiple layers sellers and buyers. Equipment changes three to five hands before ends up in the customers hands. Over nightly percent of so called suppliers buy their equipment on Alibaba where equipment is already marked up several times. That generic equipment that has no brand name with markings of three to fourth times is introduced to consumer as a factory direct option.

That is absolute deception by salon suppliers especially in USA, that has some many three or fourth hand buyers, calming that they are salon furniture factory. Common denominator for all of those companies is that they don't produce anything and they own any brand or trademark. This creates a lot of issues with quality control and honoring warranty is almost impossible. Buying generic, cheap equipment that costs thousands of dollars is always very big risk.

Customers pay very high price for the equipment that is very cheap in quality but not in price. Also shipping is the huge issue since there's impossible to figure out the way how to secure product properly. In many of those instances customers receive products damaged or broken. Styling chairs arrived with a broken handles and ripped seats. Styling station arrive with broken mirrors or chipped wood. That is not fun for new salon owner but its a huge headache.

Imagine case where mirror is broken and needs replacement but equipment already exchanged three hands before arriving to customer. Than seller in USA has to contact seller in China, and they have to contact supplier. Supplier has to reach to the factory and ask for mirror. This process will last for the months and it will only create aggravation and trouble. Only what is left for salon owner is to buy mirror and replace it and spend even more money.

Solution for delivery problem

Salon equipment QXPRO has a solution for that problem. All of their salon furniture and equipment was designed in USA, parts arrive form Asia and Europe. They are first and only hand and they have a full control over warranty and quality control.

"We are very proud the way we ship our equipment with virtually no damages during the shipping. Our warranty is three years which is top in this industry. It took us over twenty years of hard work to create industry leading solutions and ultimate customer satisfaction is only measurement of our success".

Those are words of Tony Franco General manager of QXPRO USA. For more information regarding their salon equipment and furniture please call 1-888-501-1315. If you want to contact Mr. Franco directly please email to manager@salonequipment.net.

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