High Noon Holsters Introduces New Line of Attractive Hybrid Kydex Holsters

Combining the function of molded Kydex with the style of top-quality leather and exotic skins, new holsters provide uncompromising ways to carry concealed or at the range, High Noon Holsters reports

High Noon Holsters introduced a brand new line of hybrid Kydex holsters. Detailed at the High Noon Holsters website at http://www.highnoonholsters.com/category/hybrid-holsters/, the new models combine the legendary durability and tactical performance of molded Kydex with the attractive looks of materials like top-quality leather and exotic animal skins. Like all High Noon Holsters products, the new hybrid holsters are designed to provide no-compromise performance and function, whether for everyday concealed carry, competitive shooting, or any other purpose.

"We're proud and excited to unveil our new line of high-performance hybrid Kydex holsters," High Noon Holsters co-founder George Inabinet said, "Taking advantage of the incredible wear resistance, draw performance and resilience of Kydex no longer means sacrificing appearance. Our great-looking new hybrid holsters combine all of these appealing features with beautiful leather panels and exotic embellishments like real ostrich, python, or shark skin. They're available now at our website and going fast."

Originally invented to enable the production of lightweight aircraft interiors in the middle part of the 1960s, Kydex thermoplastic quickly found its way into a host of other applications. Tough, light, and easy to form with the appropriate equipment, it is today used as the base material for everything from springs and tensioning parts to truck fenders and insulation for high-voltage electric equipment.

On the consumer side of things, Kydex is likely best known for its usage in knife sheaves and holsters for firearms. The same qualities that made the material such a hit in the aviation industry early on suit it perfectly to these applications, with firearms enthusiasts who seek the greatest possible performance and durability often insisting on it, as with the Kydex-based High Noon Holsters listed at http://www.highnoonholsters.com/category/kydex/kydex-heavy-duty-holsters/.

At the same time, Kydex can be less appealing in terms of appearance, with a relatively drab look that reflects the emphasis placed on performance by its inventors. The new hybrid Kydex High Noon Holsters do away with this drawback while preserving all of the functionality that has made Kydex so prized. Buyers can choose from a wide range of designs, form factors, and options like exotic leather loops, with every holster also delivering the performance and versatility that has made High Noon Holsters a legendary name in the industry.

The company's new hybrid Kydex holsters are available now at its website, and a sign of the way that High Noon Holsters always strives to raise the bar even higher. Since the company's founding in a one-car Long Island garage almost twenty years ago, High Noon Holsters has always aimed at 100% customer satisfaction.

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With the best available materials and in-depth, functional design that focuses on the real needs of firearms owners, High Noon Holsters provides a wide range of high-performing products that can be used for anything from concealed carry to competitive shooting and more.

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