HideNHunt is An All New Game Using AR to Turn the Real World into a Treasure Hunting Experience

Live on Indiegogo, HideNHunt transforms players’ real world into an adventurous one filled with wonders

HideNHunt, the revolutionary new app that turns the world into a massive treasure hunt, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to complete the Android app development and launch on the Google PlayStore.

After only a month and a half after launching, just under 5000 players worldwide have downloaded and played the HideNHunt app. The game was created as an innovative new treasure hunt game that gives players the opportunity to hide Augmented-Reality treasure chests within a 50m radius of their location or hunt for a hidden one themselves. After successfully finding a treasure chest, players are awarded the coins inside it. Otherwise, when players treasure chests remain hidden, they receive double the amount of their coins.

“In the future, with enough funding, we will be able to create Augmented-Reality treasure hunts for players to win real prizes! You need your coins to register to these treasure hunts.” says founder and CEO Denis Tutaka. “The App is currently on iOS and is already on the Apple App Store. However, we want to tap into the Android market so more players will be able to enjoy the game."

All AR Treasure Chests in the game are placed by actual players in the world. Players can both hide chests and also search out treasures thanks to the groundbreaking AR technology which transforms players’ real world into an adventurous one filled with wonders.

The company has launched the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to speed up the development process for the Android version of the game so those on Android mobile devices are able to enjoy the game as soon as possible. The company is aiming to complete Android development by the end of March and needs the support of backers to reach their goal.

"When you contribute for $20, you will receive 1 million free coins as a thank you to be added to your game account! For a $20 contribution, you are therefore receiving 1 million free coins, which is the In-App Purchase value of $200,” adds Tutaka. “Your coins are significant to register to treasure hunts that will win you real prizes! If we don't reach our entire goal, at least you have contributed to speeding up the development process and you will still receive your 1M coins.”

HideNHunt is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hidenhunt-treasure-hunt-app-android-development#/

About Limited

HideNHunt Limited is a game application business that aims to provide players with a unique treasure hunt experience that utilizes Augmented-Reality technology for fun and learning. We will learn to adjust, as best as we can to our customers, so they are satisfied with the experiences that we provide in the game application. HideNHunt Limited is founded by Denis Tutaka, based in New Zealand and is new to the App Gaming business world.

For more information on HideNHunt please visit http://www.hidenhunt.com


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