Hiberno releases Car Seat Organizer To Help With The Stress Of Road Trips

At the beginning of October 2017 Hiberno added a Car Seat Organizer to their growing list of products available on Amazon.com This is their first venture into the baby category and the company are keen to make a good impression on their customers.

Often, long road trips can be stressful when traveling with children and the aim of this product is to go somewhat to reduce that stress by enabling more organization for the journey.

The Car Seat Organizer fits to the back of either the drivers or passengers seat. The top of it attaches around the headrest using a strap that can be amended to fit most cars. One of the directors, Sean explained that it is easily adjustable and there are 2 clips to secure the organizer. There is an identical strap that clips around the bottom of the front seat and there are two straps with hooks attached that fit under the seat. Sean says that this gives it a snug fit and removes the risk of it falling off.

The back-seat car organizer has several pockets to hold several necessities that are needed for any car journey. The top half has a large pocket with a hard back that can fit things like tablets, coloring books, novels etc. At the bottom of this pocket there are 2 hooks that can be used to have pens or pencils at hand. They can also be used to hang other items. In the bottom section, there are 5 pockets/ Two of them are manufacturing from mesh allowing the contents to be easily seen. Behind the mesh pocket there are what Sean calls an extra secret pocket can keep important documents that are not easily visible. There are 3 other pockets that can be used to keep drinks at hand or smaller items that are easily accessible.

Although primarily used for storing and organizing items during a car journey the travel organizer can also be used as a kick mat which will protect the back of the front seats from dirty footprints. This can sometimes be an issue if younger passengers are struggling to amuse themselves when traveling in the back of the car. The product is made from Polyester and if it becomes stained because of a spillage it can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

As part of the launch on Amazon the company are offering a 10% discount to all of their products on their Storefront or Website. They are also offering a lifetime guarantee on this product. Sean said they are fully convinced that the quality of their product is good enough that it will last a lifetime. This is a bold statement from the company and Sean said that time will tell if they got it right. Production time for this new product was six months and the company are keen to have their effort repaid by acquiring happy customers.

Contact Info:
Name: Sean Lonergan
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Organization: SDL Sales Ltd
Address: 157B Camberwell New Road, London, SE5 0SU
Website: http://www.sujeo.eu

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