Hexclad Frying Pan Featured In Men’s Health Magazine Christmas Gifts Guide For Men 2017

Hexclad has created non-stick pans using unique technology and approaches, ensuring that the best gift for men this Christmas is for the Kitchen.

Hexclad’s unique hybrid frying pan has been featured in the latest Men’s Health guide to the perfect Christmas gifts for men. Men’s Health praise the lifetime warranty and unique stainless steel, aluminium and non-stick design, which makes it safe for use with metal utensils while balancing the searing capabilities with ease of use and speed of clean. The feature marks the 10” Hexclad Non-Stick Pan out from its competitors, as the only pan featured in the gift list aimed specifically at chefs.

Hexclad has been featured thanks to its unique composition and design, which is coated inside and out with a uniquely distributed hexagonal pattern of stainless steel, which stands out from the non-stick coating, protecting it against wear and tear while transmitting heat more effectively to the surface of foods, making it perfect for meats and stir-frying.

The outside of the pan is coated identically to the inside, making the pan simple and easy to clean. Available for under a hundred dollars, it offers every home cook the capabilities of a professional chef’s kitchen, while promising to the be the last frying pan customers will ever need.

The feature in Men’s Health will help the pan be discovered by more people than ever before, ensuring that more budding chefs can master art of the frying pan.

A spokesperson for Hexclad.com explained, “We were delighted to be featured in the latest Men’s Health guide to gifts for the culinarily inclined gentlemen of 2017. Our pan is a perfect fit for men who love to cook, with a cutting-edge design, unique approach and high-quality materials. What’s more, we believe a great piece of cookware is for life, not just for Christmas, and Men’s Health praised our lifetime warranty for the same reason. We hope this encourages more people than ever to buy this pan for their man this Christmas.”

About Hexclad: Hexclad cookware uses a unique combination of non-stick and stainless steel surfacing in order to provide the ultimate cooking experience, giving the professional chef’s preferred sear of stainless steel while keeping the surface easy to clean thanks to the non-stick surface. The patented hexagonal design allows for perfect heat distribution, safe for oven use up to 500°F.

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