Herzog Wine Cellars’ Chenin Blanc Awarded Top 100 World Value Status By Wine Spectator

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Wine Spectator has named Herzog Wine Cellars’ Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc 2011 one of the Top 100 World Value Wines, one of only 8 in California to achieve the honor.

Wine encourages a kind of enthusiasm for flavor not seen in many, if any other alcoholic drinks, perhaps because it is one of the most popular around the world. Despite the assumption that the best wine is made in France, competitors from Australia and California have been distinguishing themselves in recent years. One of the few to distinguish themselves on a global level is Herzog Wine Cellars, who this year created one of just five white wines in California to be named in the Top 100 World Value Wines by Wine Spectator.

Their Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc 2011 is available for just $10, and yet punches above its weight in quality and flavor. Only four other white wines from California made the list, together with three reds, all for under $15. The Chenin Blanc represents an easy-drinking wine ideal to be served chilled with chicken, turkey or fish.

Herzog Wine Cellars’ foray into value wines represents the broad spectrum of their wines, having previous won three awards at the prestigious Los Angeles International Wine Competition for their fine wines.

A spokesperson for Herzog Wine Cellars explained, “It is a great honor to receive such rarefied recognition from an institution such as Wine Spectator, especially in a global field of competition. To be one of just eight wines, and just five whites, from California to be named in the world-wide guide to the greatest wines is an amazing endorsement. It speaks to the success of our ongoing mission to be not just the best winery in California, but one of the best in the world. The Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc is available now from our online store and will make a perfect complement to Chanukah and Thanksgiving dinners.”

About Herzog Wine Cellars:
Located within the strawberry fields and farm rows of Oxnard, California is Herzog Wine Cellars. Under the expert eye of head winemaker Joe Hurliman, the winery combines the artisan craft of premium California winemaking with the Herzog family’s unyielding commitment to excellence. Grown under careful watch, only the best fruits are harvested and brought to the winery. From here, Joe Hurliman searches out inspiring blends of aroma, flavors and colors, refined by the winery into masterful creations to be enjoyed across the globe.

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