Hemorrhoid Remedies Online Launched To Provide Useful Information On The Condition

New website offers advice on prevention and tips for mediating painful symptoms.

Statistics from the health care field indicate approximately 100 million people suffer from hemorrhoids in the United States while only an estimated 2 million receive treatment for the condition each year. The reason for this lack of treatment stems from embarrassment, hope of the condition resolving itself and past experiences with ineffective medical remedies among others. In an effort to educate sufferers on natural methods of relief, Clive Byrens has launched www.hemorrhoidremediesonline.com.

Byrens affirmed, "Having suffered with chronic hemorrhoids myself for quite some time, I am no stranger to wading through the endless string of websites claiming to provide helpful tips for finding relief, as well as the ridiculous prices some of them try to charge for their essentially useless information. The 2 primary sections of my website are devoted to treatment tips I've discovered during my own research and products I've found to be effective for alleviating hemorrhoids."

No conclusive answer has been found regarding why some people develop hemorrhoids and others do not, nor have precise reasons been determined for the varying severity of the condition among sufferers; however, studies have revealed some of the most common factors leading to exacerbation of the condition. These include pregnancy and severe constipation leading to sitting on the toilet for extensive periods of time and excessive straining during bowel movements. Genetics also seem to play a role in hemorrhoid development.

Some simple steps can be taken to reduce the chances of developing new hemorrhoids or aggravating existing ones, such as purchasing stool softeners and increasing fiber intake. In the midst of an outbreak, some measures can be taken and natural products used to alleviate the symptoms. Despite the pain of cleaning the affected area, cleansing can help prevent additional irritation. Experts recommend use of a bidet or cotton wool for gentle cleansing. Ice packs tend to reduce swelling, and products such as witch hazel and aloe vera offer a cooling and soothing effect.

A natural hemorrhoid treatment using products readily available at most health stores can also be created. Byrens noted his website contains a link to the H Miracle System created by Holly Hayden. An independent researcher and expert on hemorrhoid prevention and relief, Hayden developed her system to help relieve the systems of existing hemorrhoids and prevent future recurrences. She also provides a wealth of information about the condition and how to potentially cure it.

Concluded Byrens, "I designed my website to provide helpful information and remedies for hemorrhoids as well as links to other valid treatments and products. The site's purpose is to help the millions of people experiencing the condition find relief without resorting to often ineffective pharmaceuticals and surgeries, which are typically only a short term solution."

About Hemorrhoid Remedies Online:
Created to combat the vast array of myths and ineffective products surrounding hemorrhoid relief and prevention, the Hemorrhoid Remedies Online website offers information on natural remedies and preventative measure that have been proven effective for many who suffer from the condition.

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