Hem Healer offers natural, efficient hemorrhoids treatment without surgery

Gutoskie alo says, “Hem Healer™ is made from all-natural ingredients, not chemicals found in a laboratory. Its two main ingredients are extracts from the bitter orange.”

With patients turning to non-surgical treatment options for hemorrhoids, Hem Healer™ offers a product that is easy and painless, treating hemorrhoids at the source without the need for surgery.

“I suffered for 15 years with hemorrhoids and know the pain and suffering it causes. This is the reason I created Hem Healer™. Hemorrhoids or piles affect about 75 percent of individuals within their lifetime. While they are a common cause of pain, people are uncomfortable talking about the disease, so they don’t know about this over-the-counter treatment option. When they seek out solutions on how to treat hemorrhoids they turn to temporary relief given by greasy and messy creams. What Hem Healer™ provides is an easy and painless treatment for the cause of the hemorrhoids, not just the symptoms.” said Ian Gutoskie, creator of Hem Healer™, in a press statement.

Gutoskie also says, “Hem Healer™ is made from all-natural ingredients, not chemicals found in a laboratory. Its two main ingredients are extracts from the bitter orange.”

Diosmin, one of the two main ingredients, fights inflammation and soothes the pain of internal and external hemorrhoids or piles. This 100 percent natural extract, made from orange peels, reduces swelling and strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation, resulting in healthier veins.

Another main ingredient, Hesperidin, is made from citrus peels. It increases vascular tone, increases blood flow, improves circulation and reduces stasis or the pooling of the blood in the veins.

The product also has horse chestnut extract, which is a natural, safe and potent extract that relieves pain and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids.

Hem Healer™ stresses that its capsules are aimed at treating the root cause of hemorrhoids or piles, instead of only alleviating the symptoms related to them.

“Most people have only heard of creams, which are really uncomfortable to use and are just a cheap, temporary solution that most people have to buy over and over again. So, how do you treat hemorrhoids or piles? It should always be taking care of the root causes, which are inflammation, weakened vessels and poor circulation.” Ian says.

Hem Healer™ says its products are 100 percent recommended by doctors, and have a shelf life of one and a half years.

“Everybody is different, but most people start feeling a difference in just a few days. Obviously, more severe cases take longer to get relief. For many patients who had both internal and external with tons of bleeding and pain, it took about two weeks to start getting relief,” Ian says.

Hem Healer™ says patients can check out success stories on its website to see how patients managed to treat hemorrhoids with Hem Healer™.

Hem Healer™ is made in a Food and Drug Administration-registered facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its offices are located in sunny Lakeland, Florida.

Hem Healer™ says its products have a 90-day money-back policy.

“We believe that if we can't give you any relief, then we don't deserve your money. You have a full 90 days to try Hem Healer™ and if you don't get any relief, simply contact us and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked,” says Ian, the creator of Hem Healer™.

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