Helios Looking To Create The New Standard in Crypto Charts

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View real-time transactions on every chart imaginable for ETH and BSC tokens

Helios, the all-seeing solar Titan, has taken a liking for crypto and wants to provide you with insight.
When looking through the “Eye of Helios” users will be able to view all transactions in real-time on every chart imaginable for ETH and BSC tokens. One of the features that they are excited about is the “Multi-Chart Viewer”. This is where users will be able to view more than one chart side by side, and watch their favorite tokens moon together.

Essentially, Helios will show bep20 and erc20 tokens to start. But will branch on to many more as more develop contracts like Ada soon. Instead of just focusing on only bep20 like Poocoin. One of its “special plans” would be by adding another tool into the Helios toolbox. Like Poocoin Telegram price bots, the company will also have a price bot for telegram and for discord as well. They are making strategic partnerships with tokens that already have 25,000+ telegram users.

Helios Charts is proud to announce that Helios is partnering up exclusively with Hoodrat (becoming Ratify)'s AI-based risk assessment tool. It will analyze transactions on the chain and will constantly scan for updates. It works on a proprietary method, supported by its machine learning models. Hoodrat has developed the tool for the past 2 months and will be releasing it in August. They will be using their API so that users of Helios can directly check for any token, report it and also check for vulnerabilities of a contract, so that they stay away from tokens that can be exploited. The implications of using AI as a risk assessment tool is that scammers always get creative in how they run their scams, which is something current tools would not necessarily catch (since they work on a fixed algorithm type deal), so using AI will constantly learn to recognize unsafe projects and flag them on the go.

At Helios, their value proposition lies in its constant research of achieving the perfect User Experience (UX). They have noticed that several competitors do not understand well the importance of providing a seamless experience to their users. They have relied on state-of-the-art development improvements to display the data in the most accurate manner. "For instance, we have noticed the implications of displaying the Marketcap in a way that truly reflects what is on Etherscan/Bscscan, without things like that, most holders' buying decisions are impacted", said a team member from Helios Charts. Moreover, it will:

- Check for unsafe projects using their Partner Hoodrat (becomes Ratify) using their AI-based Risk Assessment Tool

- Providing price bots and real-time chart analyzers directly on Telegram

- Enable transactions directly on the website to not miss a thing

The team behind Helios is made up of many talented individuals. The company currently counts 10 people on its team, who come from over 6 countries. The team comes from different backgrounds and have demonstrated the ability to manage cryptocurrency projects and developed products that people need. Each focusing on growing the community in several languages as they go. The core team is composed of developers, partnership directors as well as strategists. They are constantly growing their team to meet the needs of the community. The company urges anyone with a special skill or experience to reach out to them if they believe in their capacity to be an asset to Helios. They will be launching an initiative in which the community will be an actor to the growth of Helios, to emphasize and honor the need of community-driven growth.

Helios Charts' tokenomics are adaptive tokenomics. This means that the tokenomics will vary based upon the volume.
Current fees:
Buy fees - 4% reflection to holders. 4% to marketing and development. 4% to the buyback wallet.
Sell fees - 6% reflection to holders. 6% to marketing and development. 6% to the buyback wallet.

Token distribution:
Private Sale: 5.5%
Dx Sale: 15%
Snapshot Airdrop: 4.5%
Marketing Wallet: 1%
Dev Wallet: 1%
Initial Burn: 58.5%
PancakeSwap LP: 14.5%
Total Supply: 1 Billion

Helios has built-in an auto burn feature implemented in its banner ad and vetting process. A portion of proceeds from advertisement on $HELIOS charts will automatically be turned into $Helios and burned. The more people that advertise and get vetted on Helios Charts. The more $Helios tokens Will be burnt, and the price will also increase.

Moreover, Helios will become the new standard in chart viewing.

For any further information please visit the company's website. For questions that need answers, please join the company’s Telegram. The developer, admins and mods are actively answering all the questions in there.
Telegram: https://t.me/helioscharts

Website: https://helioscharts.io/
Email: business@helioscharts.io

Telegram: https://t.me/helioscharts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeliosCharts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helioscharts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeliosCharts

Contact Info:
Name: RD
Email: Send Email
Organization: Helios Charts
Address: USA, O'Ahu, Hawaii
Website: https://helioscharts.io/

Release ID: 89040286

Name: RD
Email: Send Email
Organization: Helios Charts
Address: USA, O'Ahu, Hawaii