Heber City School Awards Launches To Connect Business & Schools, To Benefit Heber City Communities

Heber City School Awards has just been founded to help schools through partnerships with businesses, providing innovative ways to create student and educator awards, scholarships, and endowments.

Education is the foundation stone of any truly free and democratic society, and is the gatekeeper to opportunity for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. To create a greater equality of opportunity for more people than ever in Heber City, Utah, School Awards has been created. School Awards is a newly established organization that connects local business with area schools in order to create awards and scholarship programs for students and educators, while simultaneously employing widows and single mothers to administrate the organization.

The School Awards program is the brainchild of Craig Davis and Rocky Fischer, who recognized the need for comprehensive award and scholarship programs in local schools. School Awards fundamentally operates by partnering with local businesses interested in helping their community while enjoying extra exposure.

Becoming a School Awards sponsor, whether to fund an athletic program, scholarship, or an award that recognizes students and teachers committed to excellence, creates positive branding messages and widespread marketing channels.

School Awards serves local schools by removing the often-huge burden of fundraising through business sponsors. They offer schools a way to recognize excellence, without the usual costs of awards. By bringing together schools and local sponsors, School Awards is fostering a greater sense of community.

Businesses select from Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsor packages, each of which offers advertising in the form of banner ads on athletic fields, school website recognition, sponsor plaques for display, and much more. Sponsor packages combine outstanding advertising options with the feel-good quality current and potential patrons take notice of—and celebrate.

The Awards program is also furthering their commitment to community by creating employment opportunities for widows and single mothers through their initiatives. The Widow’s Might is a subsidiary organization dedicated to helping single moms earn money without having to leave their homes and children. This creative combination resulted in an impressive, feel-good program for the community.

Employees of The Widow’s Might form the heart of the School Awards program, and allow it to make a difference within the community. The Widow’s Might is a new and revolutionary program that allows single mothers to work from home and subsequently be there when their children come home from school. It gives them the flexibility they need to help children with homework, attend school events, and otherwise spend time with their loved ones.

A spokesperson for School Awards explained, “Education is the doorway to opportunity for children, but for mothers, whose priority is rightly on providing the best future for their children, education can only provide so much opportunity before employers seek to limit them. We are looking to solve two major challenges in modern living by offering School Awards, providing a better future for children, and The Widow’s Might, which provides a better future for both mothers and their children. And all while using a pro-business approach.”

About School Awards: School Awards is a new Heber City program dedicated to funding scholarships and similar programs in area schools via sponsorship from the local community. Schools never pay a cent for awards and scholarships, as they’re funded by local businesses that subsequently enjoy greater exposure via banner ads and other advertising materials. The program is designed to be a win-win for the community.

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Name: Craig Davis
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Organization: SchoolAwards
Phone: (435) 315-3460
Website: http://www.schoolawards.net/

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