Heaven's Best Aliso Viejo Launches a Carpet Cleaning Campaign

Regular carpet cleanings not only remove germs, they extend the life of the carpet reports Heaven's Best Aliso Viejo.

Men's Health recently reported on germs found in carpets, and many were horrified to learn that a carpet may be 4,000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Carpets tend to hold both zoological and botanical creatures which can be passed on to family members and pets, and, as children and animals tend to be closest to the carpet, they are most at risk of becoming ill as a result of these germs.

"Regular carpet cleaning removes these germs, and Men's Health recommends a professional be called in a minimum of once a year for a deep clean of the carpets in the home. Heaven's Best believes twice yearly cleanings are best as they not only remove the germs, they also extend the life of the carpet," Eric Jenkins, spokesperson for Heaven's Best Aliso Viejo, declares.

Heaven's Best enters the home and does an assessment to determine the best options when it comes to carpet cleaning Newport Beach. Once the assessment is complete, the company moves furniture to ensure the floor covering receives the best treatment possible, and carpets undergo a thorough vacuuming to provide the technicians with the cleanest canvas possible for this treatment. A special solution breaks down and dissolves dirt and grease and is therefore the first step of the cleaning process. Next, powerful carpet cleaners are used to suck up the cleaner along with any dirt, germs, and other unwanted particles.

"Carpets vary greatly in terms of their fibers and Heaven's Best makes use of a special rake, when needed, to lift the fibers, allowing the carpet to thoroughly dry while also providing it with a new look. The technicians then place pads under furnishings before returning them to the proper locations as the pads help to protect both the furnishings and the carpet," Jenkins continues.

To ensure the carpet stays fresh between cleanings, Heaven's Best makes recommendations to the client. Technicians typically recommend weekly vacuum sessions, although other steps may also be suggested. This varies by client and scenario.

"Contact Heaven's Best to ensure carpets in the home remain as clean as possible. Don't stop living or remove carpets for fear of what may be embedded in the fibers. With weekly vacuum sessions and twice yearly cleanings, one can have gorgeous carpets for many years to come without worrying about the health and well being of their loved ones, including pets," Jenkins proclaims.

About Heaven's Best Aliso Viejo:
Cody Howard started Heaven's Best in 1983 with the goal of filling a need for an alternative carpet cleaning method, one which allows carpets to dry in only one hour, rather than hours or days. Using a special technique, Heaven's Best Aliso Viejo serves customers while offering other processes for those who need a slow drying process or water extraction. Consumers are now finding Heaven's Best in more than 2,500 cities in the United States, England, and Canada as the company loves providing clients with fresh, great smelling, soft carpets.

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