Heart Centered Counseling Expands Services To Include Couples Therapy

Counselors focus on one area of expertise to better assist clients, now with new couples therapy.

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, yet many choose to undergo individual counseling in Denver rather than couples therapy as they think their partner won't be receptive to couples counseling. One surprising statistic reported by guidedoc.com may change the partner's mind, however, as it shows those who undergo couples counseling accomplish their goal with one third fewer sessions than those who choose individual sessions. "Keep this in mind when determining which type of counseling best works for one's unique circumstances as there are many other benefits associated with couples counseling," Carl of Heart Centered Counselors explains.

As reported by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, couples attending therapy together report higher levels of satisfaction, with most stating they receive excellent or good therapy. "With this type of therapy, most report they receive the needed help, and they now have more effective tools for dealing with issues that arise in the relationship. Improved physical health and better functioning at work are other positive effects of therapy," Carl continues.

Counselors at Heart Centered Counseling focus on one area of expertise, mastering this area through in-depth training and years of experience in a clinical setting. Heart Centered Counseling strives to find the appropriate practitioner, based on the specific problems of the client, and makes use of a just the right fit for the client approach rather than a one size fits all method. As Carl points out, individuals are unique, and problems tend to be very complex. The goal continues to be to assess the needs of the individual, couple, or family to provide the help required to get all back on the right path to health and wellness. The counselors also provide services such as expert witness testimony, custody evaluations, and ADD/ADHD treatment.

"Demand the life you deserve and the life you envision. With the help of the therapists at Heart Centered Counseling, doing so has never been easier. Counselors lead patients on a journey to healing so all receive the wellness and wholeness every human desires. Individual, couple, and family counseling options remain available to help deal with the pain, and patients learn the skills required to obtain necessary relief," Carl declares.

About Heart Centered Counseling:
Heart Centered Counseling offers a warm, supportive environment, one where trained, caring counselors help clients get through life's tough moments. Whether one needs family counseling or counseling for an individual, a well-trained professional remains ready to help immediately with the specific issue to be addressed. Heart Centered Counseling uses a just the right fit approach rather than a one size fits all one and understands the sooner one asks for help, the sooner one begins to heal.

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