Hearing Aid Buyer Today Launches Awareness Campaign

Hearing loss affects many, but treatments are available reports Hearing Aid Buyer Today.

According to Action on Hearing Loss, 10 million citizens in England, or 1 in 6, state they suffer from hearing loss to some degree, with more than 800,000 determined to be severely or profoundly deaf. Hearing aids assist those suffering from a hearing impairment, yet consumers often find they don't know which model to purchase, due to the many choices available. "Hearing Aid Buyer Today (hearingaidbuyertoday.com) offers information on various models along with information on hearing loss and advances in the treatment of this condition," Jenny Whitcliff, website spokesperson, declares.

Certain individuals are diagnosed with cookie bite hearing loss and question what exactly this means. Cookie bite hearing loss involves the eighth cranial nerve and is characterized by a cookie bite shaped hearing curve when viewed on an audiogram. Those suffering from this disorder find they have difficulty hearing sounds that fall into the mid frequency range, and hearing aids help to restore a portion of the hearing.

"As most human voices fall into the mid frequency range, the treatment of cookie bite hearing loss becomes critical. Thankfully, with many hearing aids to choose from, consumers, working with their doctor, should be able to easily find the right device to restore a portion of the hearing in this range," Whitcliff explains.

To determine if cookie bite hearing loss is at play or if the person is suffering from another medical condition, doctors typically recommend audio metric testing. Patients feel no pain during testing and the procedure is non-invasive, yet results tell the doctor a great deal about a person's hearing. The test analyzes a person's ability to hear different frequencies, pitches, and sounds. "If one suspects he or she is suffering from hearing loss, medical care is needed promptly to prevent further loss and determine the cause of the hearing loss and the correct course of treatment," Whitcliff continues.

Hearing aids benefit many suffering from hearing loss, yet consumers often find the choices overwhelming. "Hearing Aid Buyer Today strives to reduce this confusion, offering information on a wide variety of topics related to hearing loss and the use of hearing aids. Visit the site today to learn more about the cost of hearing aids, the dangers of cheap hearing aids and more. Hearing Aid Buyer Today becomes the only stop most consumers need when they find they must purchase a hearing aid for personal use," Whitcliff proclaims.

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Hearing aids change the lives of many with a hearing impairment, yet consumers often find they are overwhelmed by the many types of hearing aids offered on the market. Hearing Aid Buyer Today helps to reduce the confusion by examining various models to determine the benefits and drawbacks of each, saving consumers time and money by doing the research for them.

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