Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers in Louisville KY Expand Tinnitus Treatments

With rates of tinnitus on the rise, finding effective treatment options to manage the condition is essential. The following tinnitus therapy options are now available from Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers in Louisville, KY.

About fifty million US citizens between the ages of 60 and 75 are suffering from a hearing condition generally known as tinnitus. More common in men than women, the key manifestation of ringing in the ears is hearing sounds which nobody else can hear. Tinnitus often indicates a problem occurring in one of the four portions of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain – and as a result could be more of a manifestation of other issues than just a disease alone. Tinnitus more regularly appears as a co-symptom linked to other forms of either conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, as opposed to being a type of loss of hearing by itself. Though because tinnitus causes individuals to hear the buzzing or ringing sound constantly, this tends to have the effect of reducing a person's absolute threshold of hearing, making it much harder to hear low-level sounds normally.

Because tinnitus is such a prevalent problem in the U.S., the Hearing Instrument Specialists at Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers are regularly looking into new treatment procedures. Tinnitus research is a very active field with many studies and trials completed annually. This means that people who've lived with tinnitus for a long time may not be always be aware of the current options available. Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers prides itself on offering the most current tinnitus treatment options in Louisville. Aside from maintaining a summary of currently available tinnitus treatment options on their website, Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers staff frequently write about new breakthroughs on the company blog. Readers looking for additional information on the treatment options listed here are urged to visit the website at http://hearinkentucky.com or contact hearinkentucky.com for an appointment.

Hearing aids. Tinnitus patients typically also have some amount of hearing loss. Hearing aids provide a combined benefit of enhancing hearing and masking the tinnitus. Tinnitus patients using hearing aids often report partial or complete alleviation of tinnitus symptoms.

Medication. Medication-based therapies approach tinnitus on 2 different levels. They can combat the powerful emotions and depression that are prevalent among tinnitus patients and also directly reduce the symptoms.

Maskers. Tinnitus maskers are tiny electronic devices that resemble hearing aids and are adjusted to generate sound that masks or covers up the tinnitus. Like hearing aids, they offer tinnitus relief, but will not enhance hearing and can affect speech comprehension.

Counseling and Relaxation. Being able to relax is very important if the ringing in your ears aggravates you. Stress tends to make tinnitus feel worse. Counseling may be appropriate when tinnitus leads to anxiety, depression or other psychiatric problems.

About Greta Ratliff, HIS:

Greta Ratliff, Hearing Instrument Specialist, attended Davidson College in Davidson, NC and graduated with honors earning a bachelor's degree in Cultural and Historic Preservation Studies and joined Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 1995 and has since taken on many diverse roles including patient care, staff training and operations management. She has also served on the Kentucky Licensing Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments.

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Hear in Kentucky Hearing Centers has served Louisville Kentucky and its surrounding areas since 1992 with community offices in St. Matthews, Okolona, and Middletown. They have successfully grown to become one of Louisville's largest independent network of licensed hearing healthcare providers and offer clients leading-edge hearing health care solutions including a wide assortment of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and hearing protection. Each office is equipped to provide quality hearing testing and hearing aid evaluations.


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