Talks About How One Can Use Alkaline Ionized Water In Cooking

Healthy Water shares the benefit of using alkaline water in cooking. is an online Vietnamese website that shares information regarding water and things related to water. On their website, they talk about the role of water in the human body, and how one can use water in different ways. This website shares tips on how one can maintains good health. An employee from this website shares information on how one can use alkaline ionized water in cooking. Firstly, he talks about how people can use alkaline ionized water to make green tea. Using alkaline water will enhance the color of green tea and creates a balance between bitter and astringent flavors. Then he talks about how using alkaline water to boil vegetables is beneficial. When a vegetable is boiled in normal water, it loses some of its nutrients. Whereas, if the vegetable is boiled in alkaline water, the loss of nutrients is less. If the nutrient that is left in the vegetable after boiling it in normal water is x then in alkaline water, it is 2x. Also, vegetables become softer when they are boiled in alkaline water. A vegetable becomes softer because of pectin. This pectin is present in the cell wall, and on boiling it breaks down and dissolves in water. The quantity of pectin in alkaline water is much higher than in normal water, so that is why vegetables become softer.

Alkaline water can also be used in making rice softer and more chewable. Rice tends to are hard in nature. When it is cooked in alkaline water, rice absorbs the water which gelatinizes the starch. This starch will make rice more soft, chewable, and one can taste the natural sweetness of the rice. Coffee is something that almost everyone loves. It keeps one energetic and awake. Coffee requires water and using alkaline water in preparing a cup of coffee comes with several benefits. The taste of coffee depends on how well it is roasted and how good is the water used in making it. Using alkaline water in making coffee reduces the acidity and makes it more refreshing.

One can also use alkaline water in cooking meat and beans. Alkaline water helps soften the beans. In the case of meat, alkaline water removes the fat from it. This helps in the reduction of calories and make meat healthier.

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