HealthyLifeStyle-News Reveals The Truth Behind Food Addiction

When packaged, processed foods are labelled "healthy Diet” It can only be a cynical, self-serving lie. The only people who benefit, are those who profit from food addiction.

Important news. Finally, after more than a decade, food science has proved beyond doubt food addiction is real. But the food industry that caused it still denies its existence. They claim it is just an eating disorder. This is a subterfuge. Eating disorders are classified psychological. addictions are physical.

Evolution is a process that cannot be influenced or changed by human beings.
The fact is, processed foods do not suit the human digestive system. The body does not adapt. It evolves. It's illogical to suggest, 20th century, human made food is suitable for an age old digestive system.

Today, a healthy diet is based on a lie. But it is more than that. Its real use is a well kept secret that allows the food industry to profit from food addiction. They have closely followed the example of the tobacco industry. Both have knowingly founded their industries on an addiction.

Today more than 60% of people are overweight. Most are already obese. If surveyed, few of those people, would deny they are addicted to foods, like sugar. But the food industry strongly denies that food addiction even exists.

To governments, claims made by industries carry a lot more weight, than the voice of millions of addicted victims. Most food addicts are aware of their addiction. But they are not given the inconvenient facts they need to protect themselves.

Look around. It is clear something is terribly wrong with today’s diet. That’s not surprising. It is the exact opposite to the diet, once known as the traditional diet. It was still favored by most people till forty years ago.

The tobacco industry has profited from tobacco addiction for more than a hundred years. This is evidenced by their considerable political clout. That keeps them in business today. Tobacco products are still sold legally, in many places, even to children.

The food industry is a lot bigger and much more powerful. Their aim is to replace every natural food product. And substitute it with a manufactured alternative. At the present rate. They may well finish the job within the decade.

More new products are produced by the industry every day. Maybe they rush to avoid the threat of being exposed. At any time, they could be unmasked as the creators and promoters of a dangerous addiction. Because if food addiction is unmasked. So is the industry that caused it.

Once all natural food products, are replaced by processed alternatives. There will be no going back. Natural food will be gone forever. Many protein foods have already disappeared to make room for more processed food. Food addiction is not harmless. And sugar addiction is not cute.

Statistics suggests by 2030, 86% of the population will be obese. It won't stop there. Food addiction is as deadly as any drug addiction. Note the symptoms: Cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies and pain.

The consequences include; morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer. Less serious are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing. They take longer but they can still kill.

Note the difference between today’s healthy diet and the healthy diet of forty years ago:

The traditional diet Contained:
Proteins, nature’s carbohydrates, fat, fibre, natural vitamins and minerals – In that order.

Today’s Healthy Diet Contains.-
Fake processed food/fibre, nature’s carbohydrates, proteins, fat, manufactured vitamins and minerals. - In that order.

Most people seem to have lost the natural connection to their own internal body. It’s something their grandparent took for granted. The days are gone when natural instincts, would alert and guide people to a safe, healthy diet.

The people 40 years ago, who were coerced to abandon the traditional diet, paid a heavy price. That price is still being paid today. Through an obesity epidemic. A looming epidemic of diabetes type2. And an increase in heart disease, cancers and strokes.

Like any other addiction, Food addiction has to be cured. But unlike other addictions. This cure has a huge side benefit. Once the food addiction is gone. So is the weight problem - for good.

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