Healthy Smiles Dental Publishes a Guide To Choosing a Dentist

The guide offers ten questions any person should ask before selecting a dentist, reports

According to the Alaska Oral Health Plan, 62 percent of Alaskan children in the third grade suffered from one or more dental caries, as observed during the 2010/2011 dental assessments. Higher rates were observed in children falling in ethnic or racial minority groups, and this is a trend that has been seen in the past. Oral health remains of great importance to people of all ages and Healthy Smiles Dental wishes to ensure every Alaskan has access to quality dental care. To help achieve this goal, the dentist in anchorage has published a guide to choosing a dentist.

"The guide provides ten questions any person should ask before choosing a dentist. Certain aspects need to be assessed when making this selection, such as the office hours, the location of the office and emergency care. Individuals are more likely to follow guidelines for oral health care when visiting a dentist is easy. As parents are the ones responsible for ensuring their child visits a dental practice, these factors are of great importance," Dr. Terry J. Preece, founder of Healthy Dental Smiles, announces.

Children with special needs tend to be at risk for dental issues and/or a lack of dental care, according to the Alaska Oral Health Plan. When choosing a dentist for a child with special needs, extra care must be taken, to ensure the right professional is selected. He or she needs to work with the parents and/or child and determine if any medications are being taken that may interfere with oral health. In addition, many children with special needs require extra help when it comes to daily hygiene tasks. A dentist needs to take this into consideration when developing a treatment plan, along with any sedation needs the child may have.

"Our dentist anchorage treats each person as an individual and works to find treatment solutions that support the patient's goals in terms of their oral health, financial situation and appearance. The goal is to build a relationship with the child, one based on mutual trust and respect. Comfort and security are top priorities when working with these and all patients we serve," Dr. Preece continues.

Children love to play. In fact, play is the work of toddlers and preschoolers, and the love of fun doesn't stop here. Parents need to be prepared to deal with oral injuries and find a dentist equipped to handle any situation that develops with a patient's oral health.

"These are only a few of the many things people need to look for when choosing a dentist. Our guide provides you with ten questions you should always ask. Request a copy today, so you can find a dental practitioner who meets your needs in every way," Dr. Preece states.

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Dr. Terry J. Preece established Healthy Smiles Dental to help patients in Alaska obtain the oral health care they need. Upon graduating from the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Dr. Preece established a practice in Utah, where he worked for 28 years. Following a move to Alaska in 2008, he worked at a community health center, treating patients of all ages. In 2010, his family moved to Anchorage, where he started working at the Anchorage Healthy Smile Center. This center is now known as Healthy Smiles Dental.

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