Healthy Living Great Launches To Promote Health, Well Being and Weight Loss

Healthy Living Great launches to offer simple set of tips and guidelines to promote weight loss, including links to popular recommended products.

There is an interesting conflation in popular perception between health and body image, and the two are not always the same. Despite this, those with particular body shapes seek to modify their appearance through weight loss, but expert recommendations insist that fitness, while more arduous to attain, is preferable for both health and body shape than simple calorie deficit, which when practiced badly can lead to malnutrition and other health complications. Healthy Living Great has launched to try and help more people strike the balance between health and weight loss to attain the most attractive side effect- vitality.

The website takes the form of a friendly editorial, addressing many of the concerns and issues faced by those who first undertake to change their body image by losing weight. The introduction explains that effective strategies are individual strategies and there are no golden rules to follow. It then explains some of the most common strategies implemented by those with the same objectives and gives advice on how to best implement them.

The site also endorses popular supplement products that are designed to burn fat and boost the metabolism including the product made popular by Dr Oz, Garcinia Cambogia and green coffee bean extract (chlorogenic acid) while shying away from those which claim to suppress appetite.

A spokesperson for Healthy Living Great explained, “Recommended by Dr. Oz, green coffee bean extract has become incredibly popular for those seeking to lose weight. What we help our readers to understand is that this supplement works even better when combined with other metabolic boosters such as light exercise and a low fat diet. Many people expect the magic pill to solve all their problems, and by doing so lose out on all the positive side effects that putting work into sculpting the body can provide- endorphins for a positive outlook, increased energy and vitality to name just a few. Our site endorses getting the most out of the product by combining it with other approaches.”

About Healthy Living Great
Healthy Living Great is a web page set up to offer friendly and easy to follow fitness and dieting advice for those seeking to improve their health and fitness or seeking to lose weight. The site offers a short but comprehensive set of tips and tricks to get people started the right way.

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