Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide Announces Health Benefits Coffee Provides

Scientific studies have shown that gourmet coffee in particular is a healthy choice of beverages due to the antioxidants it contains.

People who love their morning cup of joe will feel much better to know that researchers have found specific types of coffee have health boosting benefits. Healthy Coffee Gourmet Guide reports on a long list of benefits including how the antioxidants in coffee help promote healthy cell growth, weight loss efforts, lowers odds of dying from heart disease, lowers cancer risks and improves a collection of other important health factors, just by enjoying moderate drinking of healthy gourmet coffee.

Randy points out, "When I discovered that drinking coffee was healthy, I said to myself, it can't get any better than this. I was getting a health benefit from something as routine as drinking a cup of coffee. How easy was that? Something else you might like to know. Coffee is the number two beverage on the planet. The average coffee drinker in America consumes about 70 gallons a year! We Americans get most of our antioxidants from drinking coffee."

While particular coffees are healthy choices including gourmet blends such as ganoderma brand coffee. This healthy gourmet coffee is one of the best choices because ganoderma lucidem is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are helpful because they allow the body to adapt to environmental conditions that could otherwise be harmful. Ganoderma Lucidum is considered to be so effective that it is used in Asian countries as a medical treatment. The Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide also reports on other types of healthy coffees and the benefits of drinking organic green tea.

About Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide: Randy Brickhouse-Bey is the author of the Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide. Randy is a former electrical technician who is currently studying business management at Mercer County Community College and Thomas Edison State College. He also mentors high school students who are preparing for college. Because of his personal challenges with coronary heart disease, he created Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide as a way to give back for his restored health and promote health and well being. His current 60 page eBook, “Ultimate Baby Boomers Guide” is given away freely at his website for baby boomers to learn how to thrive with both their health and their bank account.

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