Recommends Action On Cost-Prohibitive Prescriptions

Cites study revealing that 45 Million American adults forego medication due to cost

HealthPricer, which enables consumers to affordably fill prescriptions online, today announced that it recommends government action to counter the trend of Americans being unable to afford medication. Citing a study by the CommonWealthFund, HealthPricer shared that 45 million Americans chose not to fill prescriptions in 2016 because of cost issues. This problem affects 18% of the public, making the United States experience the highest impact of high drug prices in the developed world.

“In England, 2% of adults have to go without their drugs because of price,” said Cary Byrd, CEO of “Here we are at 18%. Medication cost is an issue facing the United States today.”

The report also revealed that prior to the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”), 21% of Americans report not filling prescriptions because of price concerns. This is one of the issues the Congress and President must consider as they rework the health care law.

HealthPricer enables Americans to fill prescriptions with competitively-priced international online pharmacies. As detailed on the company’s site,, customers are able to purchase medications from properly verified websites. They can get the same brand name medications sold in the U.S., but with substantial savings.

Health Pricer supports the 45 million U.S. residents who cannot afford their essential prescriptions. The company has discovered that many people want the option to order their medications online, yet come up against perceived safety issues instead of buying “safer, regulated” prescription drugs from a certified U.S. pharmacy.

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