Healthfit24 Announces Launch of New Health Website

New site offers ease-of-use and readable information currently unmatched online, reports Healthfit24.

A new health website has hit the internet, and it looks like it will pose a serious challenge to competitors in the niche with its extensive, yet easy-to-read, information. The new site is Healthfit24, and it avoids many of the annoying practices of the established players. Readers will immediately appreciate the layout, which puts all of the information for a specific medical condition onto a single page instead of forcing viewers to click through multiple tiny sections. It also presents no annoying survey pop-ups, ad pop-ups, or ear-shattering autoplay videos.

"We believe that a site should be useful, and the less pages to click through and surprise windows to close, the better," said Joe Njenga of Healthfit24. "We also believe that basic medical information should be presented in plain English, yet be engaging enough that people will want to keep reading."

The official site also makes sure to provide actionable tips for preventing or managing medical conditions at home when such actions are called for. For example, it gives plenty of advice on how to lower LDL, or bad, cholesterol. Not only that, it does so in such a way as to be more useful to readers than the usual boring lists such sites present. In a tip to exercise more, for instance, it says that it's a good idea to think of exercising as playing or having fun, and suggests some types of exercise that are exactly that.

"Another thing we do is target some conditions that aren't the kind that send many people to their doctors. One widespread problem is allergic rhinitis, or what most people think of as 'allergies.' Not only do we cover this condition, we offer plenty of tips beyond either taking over-the-counter medicine or going to a doctor for allergy shots. One such tip is to try using a neti pot to flush allergens from the nose. For more information, readers can go to our site for the full write-up," Njenga said.

Despite the presence of such tips, the site's writers know when to recommend that sufferers seek a doctor's care. "We're not a site that works against the medical profession," Njenga said. "Instead, we believe in presenting an accurate description of a condition and what can be done about it. When the best thing to do is make an appointment with a doctor, that's what we advise. We also let readers know whether that appointment should be a regular one or if it should be made with haste."

Even though the site is new, it already has a plethora of information present. More is sure to be added as time goes on, so visitors should check back often to see the latest updates.

About HealthFit24
HealthFit24 is a new medical website that makes information accessible to readers in a format that is both easy to use and easy to understand. It covers conditions ranging from allergies to macular degeneration, and presents solid information for the prevention and treatment of such health issues.

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