Healthfinity Introduces Innovative New Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Approach

Giving patients access to the best, most individually suitable tools from traditional and alternative medicine, clinic's system delivers 360-degree health and wellness, Healthfinity reports

Healthfinity unveiled the company's innovative new 360-degree approach to total health. Drawing from the best of traditional allopathic, naturopathic and aesthetic medicine, the Healthfinity system produces unique treatment programs individually tailored to every person. Healthfinity is staffed by leading medical, naturopathic, and osteopathic doctors, with each highly trained expert contributing unique perspective and insights to work toward the most suitable treatment for each patient.

"With so many people today looking for more satisfying answers when it comes to health and wellness," Healthfinity Operations Manager Raghav Malhotra said, "we're proud to be able to explain the exclusive, 360-degree Healthfinity approach to everyone. Uniting body, mind, and spirit, the Healthfinity approach maximizes health, healing potential, and basic wellness."

Even with so many advances in evidence-based, conventional medicine, many people in the United States continue to look for answers elsewhere. This sometimes means giving up the proven efficacy of Western medicine in favor of the hope offered by alternative approaches. More often, though, patients seek to leverage both conventional and alternative medicine under their own direction, with a full third of American adults reporting such efforts, according to surveys conducted by the National Institutes for Health.

Recognizing the downsides of this ad hoc arrangement, the founders of Healthfinity resolved to create a system that would allow for the systematic, mutually supportive application of both conventional and alternative medical approaches. Signing on some of the nation's top MDs , DOs as well as leading experts from alternative medical fields, they have created a unique new program that aims at delivering true 360-degree health and wellness.

Highly trained Healthfinity experts from these varied traditions collaborate on comprehensive health assessments for each patient, each specialist using their particular experiences, training, and strengths to root out problems and highlight avenues for improvement. These health professionals then work in tandem to create equally encompassing strategic plans strategically tailored to each individual's particular circumstances.

These plans can include any of a wide variety of therapies drawn from the fields of evidence-based medicine and traditional approaches. Healthfinity patients, for example, might undergo some combination of intravenous vitamin therapy, food sensitivity or metabolic testing, biotherapeutic drainage procedures, chiropractic sessions, or hormone replacement.

Armed with the full range of tools from both the conventional and alternative medical traditions, collaborative Healthfinity teams aim at securing unprecedented Health & Wellness for patients, uniting body, mind, and spirit in the process. For more information about the recently introduced 360-degree, multidisciplinary system, those interested are invited to stay tuned to the HealthFinityUSA website, where updates will soon be posted.

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Blending the most appropriate treatments from conventional medicine and the world's alternative traditions with the help of highly trained experts in each, Healthfinity creates optimized, customized health and wellness plans that account for the totality of body, mind, and spirit.

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