HealthEd Academy Acquires The Iron Samurai

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The fitness and bodybuilding blog HealthEd Academy widens its audience reach by acquiring The Iron Samurai’s blog.

The HealthEd Academy blog with the goal of helping people find legit information about fitness and nutrition has officially acquired a personal blog named The Iron Samurai to expand its readership.

Steve Price, the HealthEd Academy’s owner, said, “the acquisition of The Iron Samurai will help me share more topics about nutrition and fitness and explore relevant ideas.”

He added that “with the knowledge I gain from my degree in Fitness and Nutrition Science, as well as my coaching experiences in my fitness studio and the HealthEd Academy, I realized that I’m not reaching as many people as I like. I could not fit in so many clients with my studio, and there are limited topics I can write in my fitness and bodybuilding blog. I know that there are more people who could benefit from my advice. That is why I decided to acquire The Iron Samurai to reach more people than I could before”.

The HealthEd Academy was developed as Price mentioned that he loved working with clients from all walks of life, helping them reach their goals, get fit, and healthy. He added that he enjoys the challenges of keeping his clients motivated and educating them about the role of nutrition and diet in health and fitness.

Steve Price’s passion for helping people with their overall wellness had pushed him to do more and share more information about a person to feel peaceful and relaxed. This zen and the balance of everything is what The Iron Samurai is all about.

Nick Horton created the Iron Samurai blog as his personal blog in which he writes all about random topics and a content management system in which information is stored for future use. The Iron Samurai blog is composed of fitness blogs and poetry.

This compilation is expected to expand with the HealthEd Academy’s acquisition and the owner’s mission to help people find out the truth about fitness, nutrition, and well-being.

HealthEd Academy is a bodybuilding and fitness blog with the goal of helping people find out the truth about fitness and nutrition. The website is all about health and well-being, not about gimmicks or the latest fads like get-thin-quick products. The HealthEd Academy focuses on products like natural bodybuilding supplements for workouts, bodybuilding, and specific nutrition plans that will help readers reach their personal fitness goals.

HealthEd Academy is for those who are confused about where to start or even for experienced athletes who've reached a stage where there is no further change or development which they can't overcome. HealthEd Academy is designed to provide a wide range of articles about the top legal steroids, nutrition, and fitness.

HealthEd Academy’s blog is built through the best resources for anyone interested in naturally increasing their testosterone, human growth hormones (HGH), or generally having a better and healthier life.

The Iron Samurai was created by Nick Horton, who believes in the zen and the balance of extremes. He is a musician, a math-geek, and surprisingly an Olympic Weightlifting coach. Combining these passions made him develop The Iron Samurai blog and write many articles anything under the sun.

The Iron Samurai also serves as a content management system, which he coined as his fancy way of storing information that can later be used when needed.

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Name: Steve Price
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Organization: HealthEd Academy
Address: 239 Lexington Blvd, Clark, NJ 07202