Healthcare Serial Entrepreneur Publishes Book about Million Dollar Independent Contracting

Dr. Tomeico Faison, a serial healthcare entrepreneur, has written a book inclusive of ten simple steps to get started in independent contracting. The book also includes examples of specialized contract options and how to scale to a million dollars in revenue!

Dr. Tomeico Faison is so passionate about helping health care practitioners become successful entrepreneurs that she has published a book about how she generated a million dollars from occupational therapy independent contracting services. The book includes ten simple steps to independent contracting from start up to ideas about niche services and scaling. Dr. Faison began contracting herself out to group homes just two years after she graduated from OT school in 2003. She was able to scale her group home contracts to over 24 homes and hire subcontractors in the first three years. Later she would add contracts with the state, the federal government, school systems, home health agencies, a nonprofit organization, a telehealth company, hospitals and an eye center.

Dr. Faison is the CEO of Therapeutic Solutions which continues to provide contractual occupational therapy mental health services in NC as well as telehealth counseling services. She is also the CEO and co-owner of Low Vision Rehab Solutions ( and Faison Consulting ( She obtained a BS and MS in Radiologic Science and Occupational Therapy, respectively, from UNC Chapel Hill and has a clinical occupational therapy doctoral degree with a focus on social entrepreneurship from Boston University. Additionally, she is a part time faculty member in Duke University’s new OTD program. Dr. Faison is also the founder and host of the podcast, Therapy Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Color. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Faison enjoys faith-based activities, spending time with her family (husband, two sons and a host of animals), public speaking, writing poetry, listening to music and exercising.

“My life mission is to help at least one million therapy entrepreneurs and leaders who serve underserved populations. When my 1:1 business consulting and coaching services became full at the beginning of each year, it became apparent to me that I needed to also create products to teach others the successes that I have had in therapy entrepreneurship. Therapists believe in serving people but may not fully understand how to do so as an entrepreneur. My products focus on teaching practical steps that are easy to follow so that the therapist can make an income and an impact. Therapists are using “Occupational Therapy: Ten Simple Steps to Independent Contracting” as a guide to get started right out of school. Although the book was written for occupational therapists, the steps covered are applicable to other therapists and health care professionals. Independent contracting is a great way to step into entrepreneurship without fully being responsible for all of the associated expenses and responsibilities associated with business ownership and it can be very lucrative.”

About "Occupational Therapy: Ten Simple Steps to Independent Contracting"

This book consists of the basic steps to becoming an independent contractor for therapists and is based on Dr. Tomeico Faison's success doing so to include generating over a million dollars in contracts. Dr. Faison has secured contracts with schools, state facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, eye centers, the federal government, community mental health agencies, group homes and MORE ! If you are looking for a book about opening up your own outpatient therapy practice or home health agency, then this is not the book for you. This book focuses on the business of independent contracting and is based on Dr. Faison's personal success with this type of practice. She is sharing a simple way to be self-employed as a contractor with other businesses, such as home health agencies or private community agencies. Independent contracting has certainly been a blessing to Dr. Faison and she knows it can be a blessing for other therapists as well and the steps in this book will show you how!

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