Health Blogger Determined To Get People Into The Outdoors Again

Health blogger Alex Davis is determined to get people out of the house and back into nature again. Says it's better than sitting at home.

Alex Davis - health blogger and fitness activist - recently encouraged his readers to get more into nature again. Instead of spending most of their time inside, Davis pointed out the many benefits to getting out of the house for at least an hour or two each day. To help keep their motivation high, Davis announced he will update his blog with encouraging new messages at least once per week.

In a followup interview, Davis related how - although growing up in what could be considered a poor family in a low class neighbourhood - he had a pretty good childhood. "People always think not having had all the toys I wanted as a kid left me with a deprived childhood, but nothing could be further from the truth."

Davis went on to explain "I never went hungry or naked, so I think my parents did alright. Instead of buying me the latest and greatest playstation gadgets, my parents would often encourage me to come for long walks with them. The fresh air always did me good."

"My message isn't that fancy toys are bad, but rather that we - more often than not - complicate life. We put a strain on our wallets, families, and friendships instead of enjoying the simpler things that are a hundred percent better for us."

In the email to his followers, he joked how - instead of buying our loved ones a fancy popcorn machine this christmas - we should buy them a zoo pass instead. "People often forget that the decision to a healthier life is not made when we sit down to enjoy snacks, but at the store when we decide to buy the snacks in the first place. If the junk food isn't waiting around for us at home, the odds of us consuming it are pretty slim."

"It's not an easy journey" says Davis. "And that is where I come in. My job as a blogger is to keep my readers focused and motivated to making healthier life decision. I am no guru and certainly don't know everything about fitness and health, but I do know how keeping things simple makes a big difference in the quality of life we can enjoy."

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