Health And Living Mag Publishes New Five Minute Workout To Relieve Back Pain

Health And Living Mag has published a new workout editorial citing the best exercises to help relieve back pain in the minimum amount of time possible, helping people counteract the effects of office sitting.

The internet has been responsible for an information revolution, and this has had profound effects on the nature of health and wellbeing for millions of people. It also helps people deal with problems that are becoming ever more common in our modern society, including obesity, stress and increasingly, back pain. Back pain is increasingly common as a result of hours spent sitting at desks. is a website dedicated to helping people overcome health and lifestyle challenges, and has now published a new article showcases a five minute workout for relieving back pain.

The workout comprises a list of exercises and stretches, which help to free up the muscles in the back by working them gently, helping them to return to their natural positions and tensions, to take up the mantle of supporting the body once again.

The exercises themselves take between ten and thirty seconds to complete, so the whole workout can be done in just five minutes, which helps people fit it into short breaks between workouts and even do it multiple times a day, helping them protect their back from injuries.

A spokesperson for explained, “Health and Living Mag is pleased to be able to add this quick workout to our expansive list of resources for managing and overcoming back pain. We have information on common conditions together with product reviews of massagers, stretchers and braces. As such, we help people get the additional support they need, but we understand the importance of using the body as a tool to heal the body, and by activating related muscles in the thighs, hamstrings, shoulders and upper back, we can help support the vulnerable region the lower back and relieve much of the pain we experience.”

About Health And Living Mag: Health And Living Mag was established in 2013 to be the best resource available online for individuals looking to live a better life by being healthier. The site has been regularly updated ever since and is now a leading authority on back pain, headaches, oral care, beauty, digestive health and skin care.

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