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Diet Doc’s weight loss diets were created to help their clients quickly and effectively lose weight, but they also contribute to an improved weight-related quality of life and may help stop the progression of the stages of cancer.

With current studies estimating that over one-third of the new cancer cases expected to occur in the United States, including many cancer diagnoses and advancing stages of cancer, will be related to weight gain and obesity, many people in Memphis have begun searching for fast and easy ways to lose weight. Fortunately, Diet Doc offers their clients prescription hormone weight loss diets that target unwanted, stored fat and effectively flush it from the patient’s body. Eliminating excess weight will not only allow Diet Doc clients to lead happier, more active lives, it may also reduce their chances for a cancer diagnosis, slow or stop stages of cancer from progressing or simply improve their weight-related quality of life.

As reported on by Medical News Today, researchers in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health with New York University were interested in the literature that suggests that body fat is linked to advancing stages of cancer in the esophagus, pancreas, colorectum and breast, among other cancers. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/266569.php They found that leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods causes weight gain and creates and environment within the body that is conducive to cancer development and an advance in stages of cancer. Based on their findings, researchers recommend that patients create a healthier lifestyle that eliminates this environment and helps them lose weight to avoid advanced stages of cancer and other weight-related illnesses.

People in Memphis who are interested beginning a prescription hormone weight loss diet to learn how to create a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight only need to complete a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with one of Diet Doc’s specially trained physicians. This consultation will take place over the phone or the internet, in the privacy of the patient’s own home, to ensure that each potential client feels comfortable that their personal information will remain private. The patient and physician will begin developing a prescription hormone weight loss diet that works around their age, gender, health history and lifestyle and food preferences. This personalized approach to weight loss diets not only helps patients to lose weight initially, it also assists them in maintaining their prescription hormone weight loss diet plans to sustain their weight over time.

And, because Diet Doc understands that sticking with diet plans can be challenging because of some negative side effects of calorie reduction, side effects like cravings, weakness or fatigue, they now offer patients natural hormone treatments that control the appetite and increase energy through vitamin intake. Patient progress is consistently monitored throughout each patient’s prescription hormone weight loss diet to ensure that the patient is able to quickly and safely lose weight. Physicians can alter or modify the patient’s prescription hormone treatments or weight loss diet supplements at any point to increase the rate that the patient is able to lose weight and see results.

Diet Doc’s weight loss diets are committed to reducing the nation’s obesity rates and have already helped thousands of patients across the United States quickly lose weight and maintain that weight over time. And, with current studies associating weight reduction with fewer cancer diagnoses or a slowing of advancing stages of cancer, Diet Doc’s prescription weight loss diets can help to improve their clients’ weight-related quality of life.

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