HCG Setup Releases Comprehensive New Guide to hCG Usage for Men

New guide is the most practical and in-depth resource of all for men who are thinking about using human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG Setup reports

HCG Setup, a leading online source of information about the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) announced the publication of a new guide covering hCG usage for men. For more than 60 years, hCG has been studied for its possible role in promoting fat-targeted, muscle-preserving weight loss, and HCG Setup's new guide covers this issue, as well as the use by men of hCG for body-building and fitness reasons. With a strong record of delivering in-depth, objective information about a substance that is often clouded in misinformation, HCG Setup has become one of the Internet's most popular and highly regarded destinations for those interested in hCG.

"hCG is a hot topic of conversation among men who are looking for ways to lose weight or build muscle," HCG Setup representative Hamish Lee said, "Our new guide to hcg for men focuses specifically on the issues that men thinking about using hCG need to understand and does so in a practical, accessible way."

The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin is produced naturally by the placenta, and many pregnancy tests look for the presence of it in a woman's body as a way of determining whether she is in that state. hCG is not otherwise naturally found in adults, although a close analogue in the form of luteinizing hormone is produced by the pituitary glands of all healthy people.

Beginning around 1950, a number of researchers began investigating the effects that supplying children and adults with the hCG that would not otherwise be present in their bodies might have. One prominent British physician by the name of Albert Simeons advanced the idea that hCG could be used as part of a low-calorie diet to beneficial effect. He contended that providing the hormone to dieters would cause their bodies to focus almost entirely on making use of their fat reserves for needed energy, instead of also breaking down muscle through a process known as catabolism.

That claim has proven in the decades since to be controversial, but the usage of hCG remains popular among dedicated weightlifters and those looking for more effective ways to lose weight. The new HCG Setup guide provides an introduction to the subject of hCG usage in general and also an in-depth treatment of the related issues that are specific to men.

It details, for example, the common side effects that male users of hCG sometimes experience, as well as techniques that are thought by some to help in the avoiding of these. The new guide also delves into the several reasons why men might consider using hCG in the first place, as well as how the substance can be legally obtained without a prescription.

In providing a practical, useful survey of the subject of hCG usage for men, the new HCG Setup guide makes the site an even more valuable resource for those interested in this important but often misunderstood hormone. Like all of the company's offerings, the new guide is available free of charge to all visitors to the HCG Setup website.

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