HCG Diet Info Announces Affiliation with National Telemedicine Company

HCG Diet Info announces a new affiliation with telemedicine company Diet Doc and are offering a special coupon to welcome new customers.

HCG Diet Info, the first and still the leading authority for the Hcg Diet and medical weight loss through hormone therapy, have teamed up with Diet Doc, a national telemedicine company based in San Diego, California. The Hcg diet is a diet that features the use of the pregnancy hormone Hcg to promote the burning of fat.

HCGDietInfo.com has been providing information for anyone who wants to know about the Hcg Diet Plan for more than a decade. One of the ways the website assists its users is by offering deals with three FDA-approved telemedicine companies, including Diet Doc. Affiliations with the likes of Diet Doc are the ideal complement to the HCG Diet Info website, offering a way to buy Hcg injections without having to see a doctor in person. Visitors to the HCG Diet Info website can secure a discount on Hcg using a special coupon, as well as free vitamin B12 and lipotropics, which are also promoted as weight loss aids.

The Hcg diet has become a popular way to lose weight, and many people are curious about it and want to know more. The diet is often misunderstood and confused with older methods of using the hormone for weight loss, which was combined with low-calorie dieting. However, this method is now regarded as unsafe and the Hcg diet today usually involves ketogenic dieting. The principle of the diet is that Hcg signals the body to start moving its fat reserves. HCG Diet Info helps readers safely practice the diet, with the help of its partners.

The HCG Diet Info website features sections on how to safely practice the diet, a food list and recipes suitable for the diet, and reviews and success stories. There is also a thriving forum that gives people somewhere to find coaching and support.

Diet Doc is a national leader in medical weight loss, offering telemedicine over the internet. They have a team of doctors and nurses, as well as nutritional coaching, and can write prescriptions for medication. Telemedicine makes it much easier for anyone to get access to the medical advice and support they need at their convenience. Prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies and medications are then sent directly to patients' homes or offices.

Teaming up with a national telemedicine company allows HCG Diet Info to help more people in an affordable and accessible way. After a consultation with a doctor, users of Diet Doc can get immediate access to the medications they need to carry out their diet. Diet Doc's medical experts can also help with customized diet plans and motivational coaching to provide a full package that helps people lose weight over a number of months.

To get started with Diet Doc, patients can visit HCG Diet Info for a coupon code. On the website, they will find a discount price from the group, and they can also get free items with their purchase of two months' supply of Hcg. People who access Diet Doc through HCG Diet Info can save over $300 with the currently available offer. Visit https://hcgdietinfo.com/buy-hcg-injections-online to find the coupon code and discount price for buying Hcg injections from Diet Doc, as well as information about HCG Diet Info's other affiliates.

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