HBSwiss Was Officially Released To The Public Including Results

HBSwiss creator Hans Berger has officially released the initial average results of the software platform after first few months of being operational. Positive results attract more people as the IPO of the software approaches fast.

When it comes to the field of online financial operations, automation has entered it a long time ago. The industry has been rapidly expanding in the last couple of years, with a very small slowdown in the last months. This can be assigned to the fact that before everyone tried to develop and launch systems that can automate the processes and people did not give much though what were they using.

Nowadays, digital investors are looking mainly for quality when it comes to automating their work. Reliability and authenticity of the software products are among the most sought-after characteristics of any piece of investment technology for automation. Exactly these have turned the HBSwiss forex robot into a widely discussed system.

HBSwiss is an automated solution created by Hans Berger in cooperation with a team of financial and technological experts. Mr. Berger has a background in finance and banking, and long years of experience in the industry. Along with his close friend Bastian Hermann, who has a degree in quantum technology and computing, the team has managed to create a unique piece of software that can run on full autopilot with minimum management.

“Our company understands the importance of providing safety and security for the capital people invest online. Mainly because most of those people have little to no experience in the field”, said Mr. Berger at the initial release of the HBSwiss software platform. “The team behind the system made the effort to create not only a razor-sharp software with unmatched calculating abilities and speed but also to give it a user-friendly wrapping”.

In fact, the HBSwiss software is aimed at people with limited knowledge of the industry with the goal of helping them achieve set results. The system is initially distributed for free as the company behind it plans an official Initial Public Offering. For that reason, a lot of data is needed to provide evidence that the software is truly capable of what is promised.

HBSwiss is an entirely automated system for online investment transactions that follows a strict set of rules predetermined by the user. Clients of the software can exert full control over its actions despite the fact that the robot will then run on autopilot. Parameters like risk levels, return ratios, trade volume and amount can all be set by the investor before activating the automated mode. HBSwiss will not deviate from the predetermined goals and will act accordingly.

A couple of months after the initial release of the HBSwiss platform, the software has already gained a significant following and can quote the average results of thousands of global clients. The system shows the potential of achieving more than 90% accuracy while in operational automated mode, thus fulfilling the promises made at the release.

This combined with the fact that HBSwiss is user-friendly and currently comes with a free license has rapidly increased its popularity in the recent weeks. Mr. Berger has stated recently that the company will be accelerating its expansion plans as more people join. The HBSwiss software is also due to receive a thorough upgrade of the functions in order for its capabilities to be further enhanced before the upcoming IPO.

Current and future clients of the HBSwiss software should be noted that the licenses they have acquired prior to the IPO will remain free.

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