HB Swiss Software Introduces High Quality Swiss Trading Technology

HB Swiss Software is a brand new online investment tool created by Hans Berger and Bastian Hermann. It applies the highly regarded High Quality Trading Technology and seeks to be representative of the best established Swiss principles in product design and hospitality.

There are many platforms available for online users who are looking for prompt returns on their investments. The financial market has recently witnessed the surge in the demand for such automated tools. HB Swiss Software falls among the newly-released ones that promises to deliver cutting-edge High Quality Swiss Trading Technology.

HB Swiss is a product created by Hans Berger and Bastian Hermann. The latter is a graduate of one of the top universities in Switzerland. He had a passion for physics and therefore took up Quantum Physics as his major of choice. Hans was interested in Banking and Finance. He worked as a clerk in an upscale Swiss Bank and headed his very own team of trading professionals.

Bastian’s experience as a quantum physicist and Hans’s background in the online trading area proved to be valuable when they decided to make their childhood dream of designing their very own machine and developed an automated trading system that could be used in the forex investment industry.

‘When we were young, we always wanted to create a machine’, says Hans. According to his very own words, he wasn’t able to give his family enough quality time together because of his full time job. He wanted to establish something that would allow him to earn sufficient monetary amounts online and still be able to spend devote most of his attention to them.

The duo gathered a team of programming experts and put in three months of hard work. When the prototype was ready, results from the initial testing phase came back more than positive. Mr. Berger and Mr. Hermann were certain that they could be better, but were also quite satisfied to learn that their model was working.

‘I am sure the system will work and we will be able to profit from it as long as the financial markets exist,’ says Bastian. He was sure that his quantum computing model was accurate. After 6 more months, they developed a fully operational auto-trading software and named it HB Swiss.

The name was though of and chosen specifically as to underline that the product is a concrete representation of Swiss Quality standards. Since both the creators are Swiss nationals, they know the importance of this and they wanted their product to match and exceed the top possible principles.

Hans and Bastian have confirmed that access to the software will be limited to 10 free spots per day. ‘We want to ensure that the quality of our service is stable and since our model requires regular manual diagnostics and maintenance, we are going to provide access to the software to 10 people per day. This will help us maintain Swiss hospitality and at the same time monitor the software closely,’ explains Mr. Berger.

HBSwiss Software was released to growing interest from online users. The system has come out as a powerful and efficient solution for placing correct predictions about assets’ price movements. It has been developed with user experience in mind and investment experts expect it to change the way online trading is conducted.

Mr. Berger and Mr. Hermann have managed to prove the potential of the software to predict future market trends accurately and clearly state that their main goal is to help regular people become financially independent.

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