HB Releases New 30-Day, Pocket-Sized, Bible-Themed 12 Step Recovery Book

New book guides the recovering addict through each of the 12 steps of recovery in 30 days with inspiration from Biblical verses

HB Publications, LLC, the publisher of books and other media that aid in addiction recovery, announced today that it has released “Five Twelve – Working the 12 Steps of Recovery with Inspiration from the Five Books of Moses - 30 Day Program.” This pocket-sized book is the second the company’s new “Five Twelve” series of Bible-based 12 step recovery titles. The book takes the reader through the 12 steps of recovery in 30 days, using daily reflections and journaling experiences based on verses from the Pentateuch.

“The idea behind this 30 day edition of the Five-Twelve approach is to allow an individual to carry the book around conveniently. We also wanted to make the process short enough to fit within the framework of the 30 day paradigm,” said Boruch Binyamin, author of the series. “Getting your first 30 days in the program is a huge achievement. We wanted to offer people a Biblical source of inspiration to get them there.” The book is 4” x 6.75” and 100 pages in length.

The Five Twelve book’s insights are based on ideas taken from classical Torah commentaries. Each of the 30 days covered in the book discusses a verse from one of the Five Books of Moses and then provides an AA meditation, thought questions and a 12-step journaling exercise. For example, for the Fourth Step of AA, the book cites Exodus 13:17, which describes how Guided the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt by an indirect path. “The interpretation of this verse is that God was concerned the Israelites would run directly into the Canaanites and retreat quickly back to slavery in Egypt out of fear,” Binyamin commented. “This aligns well with the idea of the fourth step. You have to approach it carefully, or you may be overcome with fear and turn and run back your old ways.”

Boruch Binyamin is the pseudonym of a 52-year-old man who is in recovery from alcoholism. The books can be ordered at www.hbpubs.com.

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