Have prefab homes in MA designed and move in 1 – 2 months later

Sandcastle Homes offers prefab homes MA housing at affordable prices.

Sandcastle Homes is a company specializing in producing and installing high quality prefab homes MA and additions at affordable prices. The company is the biggest provider of modular additions in all of New England.

The low cost for manufacturing these modular homes comes from the large volume of orders. Each module of this type of houses is built and assembled in Sandcastle Homes’ own factory. The advantage of manufacturing and assembling the modules in a factory is that all the materials, including the plywood and solid wood, are kept in a very good condition. The fact that these modules are not assembled outside like traditional houses means that they are protected from snow and rain at all times. This also minimizes the risk of mildew as well as mold which is usually high with traditionally built homes.

One of the things customers find most appealing about Sandcastle Homes’ prefab homes MA is that they are very storm resistant. They are actually more robust than traditional homes and provide more than adequate protection against strong winds and other dangerous weather conditions.

The price for a modular home can be up to 30% lower than the price for a house constructed the traditional way. This is partly due to the speed with which the houses are built. While a traditionally constructed house might take a long time to be completed, the modular homes only require 1 or 2 months.

The prefab homes MA houses offer people the opportunity for easy expansion with different modules which can serve as offices, in-law suites, master bedrooms and more. One of the most popular types of modular additions that Sandcastle Homes offers is the sun room. This type of room is constructed using special ConservaGlass which helps keep the temperature just right in winter as well as summer. Most of the modular additions can be fitted in only one day.

Sandcastle Homes offers customers the chance to make the homes of their dreams by applying their design ideas to a pre-made style of their choice. The expert are always available and ready to help. People can find them at Sandcastle Homes’ showrooms or schedule a free private meeting from the comfort of their own homes.

Sandcastle Homes believes in the need to educate communities about modular homes and how they can be beneficial to areas where housing can be too expensive. For this reason, the company holds very informative educational seminars where people can get to know their product better. More information about the dates and times of these seminars can be found at Sandcastle Homes’ website at http://sandcastlegroup.net/. People can also make reservations there.

Customer service is what really sets Sandcastle Homes apart from the competition. The company always goes the extra mile to help people make the right choice for their future prefab homes MA. Each individual project is treated with special attention and care which is why the amount of happy clients is still growing rapidly.


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