Hashtag Jobs for Job Seekers - Finding Jobs on Twitter just got Easier

Finding jobs on Twitter just got easier with the launch of Hashtag Jobs, an up and coming job platform powered by Twitter and a highly motivated team with their sights set on making waves in the job advertising market.

As social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter gain momentum in the world of recruitment as a viable way to find jobs or potential candidates for vacancies, there is no shortage of online literature telling people the best way to get found by employers and how best to search for work.

Now, with the launch of Hashtag Jobs, finding jobs on Twitter just got easier! As ‘the best way to search job Tweets on Twitter' we spoke to the company founders and visited to the site to take a look.

At first glance Hashtag Jobs is by all accounts a job search site, which is exactly what it aims to be. The fact that it sits on the domain hashtagjobs.com is also impressive.

At the time of looking there are over a million job Tweets on the site and from the Job Tweet Stats page we can see that they are indexing over 100,000 tweets per day, with the US and UK leading the way.

The search function is indeed very fast and by all accounts from our test searches it seems to do the job very well. Job Tweets are presented in a Twitter-like format and all of the links that we clicked took us to the job pages where we could apply directly for jobs.

You may ask why you wouldn't just use the search function on Twitter itself to find work but CTO Jamie Loberman, a UK born, San Francisco based developer behind the project explains “There are several aspects of Hashtag Jobs which make it much easier and faster for people to find work through Twitter.

Our technology accurately Geo-tags and indexes Job Tweets on a number of factors to help job seekers find the quality, relevant results they seek, including nearby jobs by radius where otherwise results may not show. Most importantly we cut out Retweets and non-job Tweets to save users time.”

CEO Andrew Stephens added “It was really a case of looking at what makes Twitter so successful and where it lacks the ability to hold it's place in the job market on a long term scale. For years people have talked about how job boards still win over social media when it comes to recruitment and we wanted to tip that balance by recognizing the reasons behind it.

At this early stage it's difficult to discuss the project when we have to remain quite guarded about our direction and future plans. It's all very exciting and we're currently considering a venture partner interest, but needless to say we will continue to enjoy bringing job seekers and job tweeters closer together in a way that will compete with even the largest of job providers.”

CCO Russell Stephens continued “What has become immediately apparent is that advertisers need to recognize the importance of using Twitter for Recruitment and put more care into the quality of their job Tweets. There are still thousands of employers who don't yet Tweet their jobs and many more that we hope to educate to write better Job Tweets to help them get found by the right people.”

Only time will tell if Hashtag Jobs will make its place in the job market and it certainly seems that the team behind it have the passion, enthusiasm and expertise to make it work. We certainly plan on following their progress and you can look forward to a follow up in the near future.

Why not take a look for yourselves and see what you think at http://www.hashtagjobs.com

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