HASH, Private Message iPhone Sensation Released in Google Play Store

CEO says worldwide Android market could be 4 times larger.

A Panamanian tech startup, Innovative Venture SA, announced today that HASH, its flagship private messaging app, downloaded over 50,000 times in 36 days since its release on the App store, has now been made available in the Google Play (Android) market as well.

Hash’s messaging platform allows for discreet anonymous and untraceable private messaging. Initially positioned for a target market of corporate CEO’s and politicians, the app has shown broad appeal since its release on October 7th and now seems poised to do for text messaging what Snapchat did for photos.

The demand has surprised even the developers. As Luis Loaiza (CTO) Innovative Venture’s Chief Technology Office (CTO) said today:

“We developed HASH as a professional tool. However, I was amazed to see how a younger audience is flocking to it. To our surprise, they find HASH to be fun for the sheer fact that they feel more open thanks to the fleeting nature of the self-disappearing message platform.”

HASH has enjoyed adoption in several international markets. In Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, HASH the app is now in the top 10 of all social networking apps and in Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines it enjoys a top 20 ranking in the same category.

Said CEO Mayer Mizrachi,

“The Google Play release should position us well for more global expansion as Android is so heavily favored and accessible in the markets that we are already strong in. We have been missing out on this demand and we may be looking at 4 times the adoption. Ultimately, this helps us position our enterprise version of the platform, just as we intended.”

About Hash:
HASH is a private and discreet messaging app that provides mobile users with completely secure communications with friends, colleagues, and business contacts. It allows users to send private texts and messages of up to 120 characters in length including secured photos. All messages self-destruct within 7 seconds of being opened. HASH messages are completely untraceable and screenshot-proof protecting the privacy of both the sender and receiver from hackers, personal and corporate spying, and casual prying eyes.

HASH is available on iOS via the Apple App Store and on Android via Google Play.

About Innovative Venture S.A.:
Innovative Venture is an early stage Panama-based software development company founded by Mayer Mizrachi in 2011. It focuses on developing disruptive technologies that influence and improve the daily lives of people in Latin America and the rest of the world. The company has offices is Panama, Ecuador and Miami.

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