HARP 4 Homeowners Launches To Help Homeowners Save Their Homes With The HARP Program

With rates at an all time low, HARP 4 Homeowners has launched to provide plain English information on the HARP 4 financing option in order to help people save their homes.

In times of economic difficulty the number of home mortgage defaults continues to be high, and many people are looking for a solution to their loan worries that can help them hold on to their homes. The HARP loan scheme was designed to allow people to refinance their homes at historically low interest rates, which right now are at an all time low. In order to explain more about HARP 2.0, the new initiative devised to allow more people than ever to use the HARP scheme, HARP4Homeowners.org has been launched.

The HARP program was originally designed to provide debt relief for those at risk of losing their homes, and was reinvented by President Obama in 2011 in order to respond to the increasing demand for the service. HARP loans can now be approved up to 125% LTV, meaning that those who may feel further in debt than when they first got their mortgage can still find a means of escape.

The scheme is available to all property and occupancy types, with a lock in rate of repayment for the full life of the loan set at low interest rates which are currently set at rock bottom. The site takes users through everything they need to know to begin applying to the scheme.

A spokesperson for HARP 4 Homeowners explained, “This program has been available since 2009 but has recently been reinvigorated with new policies that make it accessible to even more people - a decision which could not have been made at a better time as more and more people struggle to keep up their home loan repayments. The loans offer numerous advantages over traditional mortgages and refinancing schemes, and are available to those who already have second mortgages, making it an affordable refinancing program designed to liberate families from the destructive pressure of debt with a manageable solution.”

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