“Hardwired to Heal” by Vicki Ariatti Hits Best Seller List on May 1, 2020 with Course to Follow

The new book, “Hardwired to Heal” by Vicki Ariatti, launched on Amazon and became a best seller on May 1, 2020. The book is as an introduction and educational guide to natural healing.

Vicki Ariatti of Vicki’s Wellness Therapeutics released the book “Hardwired to Heal: What if your body held the magic to heal itself and your illness was optional?” to educate people that they have more control over their health and wellness than they may realize. The book hit the Amazon best seller list on May 1, 2020 and a course will be coming soon as well.

Vicki Ariatti was born to parents who had emotional issues and needed more parenting themselves. Many days she would go to bed hungry. As a byproduct of her childhood, Vicki grew up struggling to find her identity and place in society as a productive healthy member. When she was 8 years old, she vowed that when she grew up, she would end child abuse and neglect. But little did she know that the journey would lead her to some serious health challenges of her own. Her story and journey is inside “Hardwired to Heal” and now her vow is also to help people to live a thriving life, despite what doctors have told them.

Through her work, Vicki has found that many people with chronic problems have given up hope of getting better because nothing has worked before. She realized because of her own past traumas that many of the body’s issues are connected to things from the past. Inside the book, Vicki addresses topics including the body, emotional traumas, food, EMFs and stress.

"Vicki has a God given gift and intuition for others pain and subsequent health ideas for restoration and healthy living. It is clear why her life is such a blessing. I'm glad I was able to find this book. Thanks Vicki, for sharing the good news. I love the power of a plant food diet and supplements." - Tracey Pera

"This book is very interesting I didn't want to put it down. I could see myself in this book and could identify with it. - Judi Hayman

"I loved the way Vicki shared her heart and soul! She has come so far and learned so much! Wow! I really think everyone needs to read her book! Education is power and her experience is powerful. You’ll be glad you bought her book and only if you make one change, you’ll be changed for the better! Thank you Vicki!" - Trish Taylor

Vicki's Wellness Therapeutics was founded in 2019 where, after 5 years amazing transformations, Vicki Ariatti earned the nickname "magic hands". Many of her clients are those whom doctors have given up on. She currently lives in Arvada, Colorado where she serves her clients with home treatments.

Vicki’s mission is to multiply her efforts through other therapists with a certification program that will teach others alternative healing modalities so that she can duplicate her reach throughout the world.

She currently offers a free recipe book for those who want to get off the fast food and “foodlike substances” diet at https://bit.ly/RecipelessDishes

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