Harambe Outfitters Launches Just In Time For The Halloween Costume Boom Of 2016

Harambe Outfitters is a new site committed to helping people find the best Harambe costumes available online, so that men and women alike can honor his memory.

Halloween 2016 is upon us, and every Halloween affords people an opportunity to look back on and celebrate the pop cultural phenomena of the preceding year. In 2016, no pop cultural phenomenon has been bigger this year than Harambe, a Gorilla that was shot dead in Cincinnati Zoo. As such, many people will be thinking about a Harambe costume this year, to honor his life and keep the meme alive. Harambe Outfitters is a brand new website that has reviewed and recommended the best Harambe costumes available online.

The new website has created a comprehensive comparison review of all the costumes available through e-commerce sites and online retailers. They have brought together a shortlist of the highest rated items for consumers, to help them make an informed decision in less time than ever.

The costumes can also be put together from several different Halloween classics – mixing a king kong outfit with angel wings and a halo is one of the Harambe Halloween Costume recommendations the site makes.

The site offers a brief summary of the advantages of the top rated items, together with separate recommendations for men and women, and even giving advice on do it yourself options for a totally Unique Harambe Costume. The site has links to the most affordable places to source each of the outfits, so individuals can get a great deal.

A spokesperson for Harambe Outfitters explained, “Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun holidays of the year, and everyone likes to put some thought and consideration into choosing the right costume. We are sure that Harambe will be a very popular choice this year, so we wanted to help people get the best Harambe costume possible, and for the best price. As a result, we created this website, which will help people find and choose from the options available, saving them a great deal of time and energy.”

About Harambe Outfitters: Harambe Outfitters has been launched to keep Harambe in the public eye throughout the Halloween season, by promoting some of the best and most creative Harambe Halloween costumes available. The committed team behind the site wants everyone to be able to source the most fun Halloween costumes of the 2016 season, and to be able to do so affordably and reliably, while keeping Harambe’s memory alive.

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