‘HappyNess Guide’ and Author Catharine Boon Inspires Readers With Story of Personal Awakening and Becoming

Catharine Boon opens up about finding her identity in the bestselling new book, ‘Change Makers, Volume 4.’

After arriving in Sydney to pursue her education and build a new life, Indonesia native Catharine Boon struggled to find her identity.

It took years grappling with several identities as her role shifted from girlfriend to wife then to mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and aunt before she had a conscious spiritual awakening.

After discovering the keys to personal transformation, she eventually set out to heal and guide others, first as a Master Reiki practitioner and teacher and now as a professional “HappyNess Guide.”

Boon is one of 25 women featured in the new book “Change Makers: 25 Transformational Stories From Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others (Volume 4).” The book contains chapters written by women sharing their own authentic stories, in their own words, and with their own unique vision for impact.

Born in Indonesia and raised in Singapore during her teens, Boon moved away from home early and learned to rely on and trust herself and those around her.

“My story is about remembering and honouring my forgotten gifts,” she said. “Writing this chapter allowed me the time to recall what I did best, my strengths, my gifts, what brings me joy. In today's world, there is so much noise that it dampens our ability to listen to our inner voice.”

When people are ready to explore the possibilities of achieving their highest state of being, Boon said, they will be guided to be in touch with and to trust their inner guidance while realising their values in various aspects of their lives.

“I remind others what powerful beings and creators they are and that they should learn to trust in their inner guidance,” she said. “Life can be a joyful ride when they stop to listen to their inner guidance and are freed from the bondage of pain, suffering, and the limitation of old beliefs.”

Released in September, Change Makers is already a top-ranked bestseller, topping multiple Amazon charts in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“Being part of Change Makers represents a dream fulfilled to share some of my stories to inspire and empower others to remember their magnificence,” Boon said.

“The change I am bringing to the world is reminding others of their own magnificence. We are all created in perfection, in the image of source - our creator."

Boon was asked to share her unique story by Emma Hamlin, the book’s publisher and founder of Change Maker Press. Hamlin is a bestselling author, publisher, and strategic book coaching and branding expert who founded her company to provide a space for innovative and inspiring women to be seen and heard.

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