Hanko Safety Shares Provides Wide Range Of Protective Clothes And Equipment For Workers

Hanko Safety shares information on the type of protective gear and equipment they offer.

Hanko Safety is one of the top Vietnamese companies that provides a wide range of protective equipment and clothing for workers and laborers. An employee from the company enlightens with the variety of products one can get at Hanko Safety. Firstly, customers can enjoy the Korean workwear that comes at an affordable price of 450,000 Vietnamese Dong. One can also get the protective helmets that ensure the safety of the worker. It comes in lots of colors and designs. Its price ranges between 130,000 to 260,000 Vietnamese Dong.

They also offer reflective clothes that protect the workers during the night-time where it is dark. They provide labor protective shoes of various premium and reputable brands. These shoes ensure that there is no severe injury in case something big fell on the feet of the labor. Other products that they offer are seatbelt, gloves, fire protection gear, respirators, transportation warning equipment, etc.

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About the Company:
Hanko Safety is a company that is sitting on the top of the table when it comes to protective equipment and clothing providers in Vietnam. This company is specialized in providing protective equipment and clothing at an affordable price in Hanoi. One of the reasons they are popular among Vietnamese people is that they are the authorized distributor of Korean protective gear such as protective shoes, helmets, protective clothing, good goggles, safety belts, etc., all of this at an affordable price. The protective gear ensures the protection of laborers and workers during construction work or other work.

Hanko Safety has an experience of more than 10 years as a direct importer of Korean protective gear in Vietnam. All the protective gear that Vietnamese people get from Korea via Hanko Safety is branded. Protective equipment that Vietnamese people get are of brands like 3M, Sseda, Kukje, Sstop, Prism, Cov, K2, K3, X Tract, X3, Samwoo, File, Dobu, etc., they all are from Korea. Not only, Hanko Safety imports protective gear from Korea, but from other countries as well as Japan, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore D&D, France, and Taiwan. All these countries provide protective gear that ensures the safety of users and meets the guidelines of the international standard quality. Due to the popularity of this company in Vietnam, they have many clients in hospitals, factories, construction companies, businesses, etc. One can order these protective equipment and clothing from Hanko Safety online by going on their website. All user needs to do is search for the product they want. There are three ways that one can search for the product. One is by searching by category, one is by the price of the product, and last is by typing the name of the product on the searching bar. After that, users can read about the product in detail, and click the buy button.

Contact Information:
Name: Ileana Daniels
Organization: Hanko Safety
Email: bhldhanko@gmail.com
• Office 1: No 8/31 Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi City
• Office 2: Number 1 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi City
Phone: 092610 7777, 0923107107, 0906119223, 0978083186

Contact Info:
Name: Ileana Daniels
Email: Send Email
Organization: Hanko Safety
Address: No 8/31 Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi City
Phone: 092610 7777
Website: https://baoholaodonghanko.com

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