HandyTube Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Revolutionizes High-Pressure Applications

Compressed Natural Gas Becoming a Viable Alternative Fuel Source -- Thanks, in Part, to HandyTube

BOCA RATON FL, March 31, 2014 -- Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative source for auto fuel may be closer than you think. John Coates and Julie Wyatt of HandyTube Corporation talk about their company's contribution to CNG and other applications.

According to Marketing Manager Wyatt, HandyTube has the leg up on competition because the stainless steel tubing it manufactures is seamless and long-length. This eliminates the need for the frequent coupling of shorter lengths together and saves money on welding costs.

HandyTube's new CNG Plus tubing is specifically designed for compressed natural gas applications. Its certified construction helps makes the transfer of high-pressure gas safe and cost-effective.

HandyTube President, John Coates, talks about his company's dedication to providing customer solutions instead of just tubing. With constant innovation and and an aggressive approach to meeting customer needs, Coates is optimistic about the future role his company will play in the construction of CNG infrastructure. According to Coates, HandyTube engineers are constantly working to come up with new and better methods to serve the needs of their customers.

HandyTube products are currently in use globally across a wide spectrum of industries, including aerospace, ship-building, and oil and gas.

21st Century Television and its Vice President of Programming, J.L. Haber, are excited to cover this new technology that could revolutionize the CNG industry.

"HandyTube's seamless tubing is helping to bring the future closer, and we admire that." Haber stated. "We're always proud to help get the word out about companies and people who specialize in forward-thinking. HandyTube's part in helping make CNG auto fuel a reality definitely fulfills that role."

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