HandyDeck Introduces New Range Of Wood Look Porcelain Planks For Elevated Decks

HandyDeck Inc. has introduced a new system of building elevated decks on rooftops using 8’ long porcelain planks supported by a pedestal system. The DeckWay system offers a low maintenance, non- combustible, durable alternative to natural wood.

Maximizing living space in high density urban regions has become a key focus for both homeowners and landscape architects alike. And one of the primary areas of growth has been the redevelopment of underutilized space on existing rooftops or over garages, converting such areas into a welcoming space for entertaining or simply relaxing and enjoying the view.

Although a classic wood deck still remains the preferred choice for many homeowners, these days, strict fire regulations are making a natural wood deck an impossible dream in many urban regions.

In recent years however, ¾” thick porcelain pavers with sufficient strength to be supported by adjustable height pedestals placed only under each of the four corners have become available, and can be used to build a perfectly level decks on sloping surfaces such as rooftops, without the need for extensive foundations. And thanks to modern digital printing techniques, these porcelain pavers can be supplied in a very wide range of styles and colors, including simulated wood look incorporating knots, veins, color variation and other features just like you’d see in natural wood.

The similarity to a natural wood deck has now moved one step closer with a new range of porcelain planks from HandyDeck. These 8’ long x 1’ wide planks are designed to look just like a single board of natural wood. But installation is much simpler than building a conventional wood deck. A grid system using hollow steel tubing supported by adjustable height pedestals is firstly laid over the deck area. The porcelain planks are then placed over the top of the grid separated by spacer tabs built in to the pedestal head. The weight of the pavers and the spacer tabs prevent any movement.

A spokesman for HandyDeck explained, “The beauty of the DeckWay porcelain plank and grid system is that it’s so much easier to install than a conventional wood deck where you could be prevented from building a permanent structure on the rooftop or where you might face a lot of problems in bringing materials on-site. And porcelain has a lot to offer compared with natural wood. It won’t burn, it doesn’t stain, it won’t fade, rot, twist or warp and needs virtually no maintenance. We see a continuing a continuing trend away from natural wood simply because of maintenance issues.”

About HandyDeck: HandyDeck is a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles and pedestal support systems for both commercial and residential applications.

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