Handmade Cart Launches Premium Leather Messenger Bag Available on Amazon

Handmade Cart is an Indian manufacturing house that sells direct to consumers, giving exploited workers a fair deal and eliminating retail mark-ups for buyers.

India makes most of the high quality clothing and accessories for worldwide retailers, and the world news questioned these retailers’ ethics when a building collapse killed these low-paid workers last year. Handmade Cart took action, and created a factory where exploited workers could find a fair deal, by selling what they produce direct to consumers worldwide via the internet. This has the handy side effect of saving consumers money by cutting out retail mark ups, getting amazing quality goods while better supporting those who make them.

The company has launched their latest product, a high quality leather messenger bag reminiscent of the kind of thing worn by Indiana Jones, and yet perfectly outfitted for 21st century conveniences, able to easy carry laptops and books, pens and accessories. The leather item is hand stitched and comes with adjustable leather strap and handle, with durable brass buckles and buttons.

Despite the extraordinary quality of the messenger bag, its price is nevertheless competitive with far less premium products, because the profit margin goes directly to those who make the item without the need for a retail brand. With 7 day guaranteed FedEx shipping, the item can arrive as quickly as the same item already shipped to a store in America.

A spokesperson for Handmade Cart explained, “The products we create are sold for premium prices by designer labels, but we offer them direct to consumers via the internet so that everyone can get the best deal from the purchase. Artisanship is valued by the new generation who do not want plastic, disposable items but high quality fashion and accessories that will last, and that they can be proud of. Now individuals can invest in products that benefit those artisans directly, and for cheaper than buying from multinational labels. The leather messenger bag is just one great example of what we have in store.”

About Handmade Cart:
Handmade Cart offer handmade quality products exclusively through the internet. The company operates a manufacturing unit where they provide employment opportunities for exploited workers of India to get a better deal. Their products are sold by retailers at very high prices, but now the factory outlet is live for international customers to pass investment direct to the manufacturer.

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