Handband Launches New Recycled Wristbands

Handband is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new recycled wristbands, made using RPET and bamboo.

Handband is a manufacturer of custom wristbands, which are suitable for use in fundraising, event management and brand awareness. The company has long-standing ties with charities and their very first customer was a charity looking for a way to thank its constituents. As a result, Handband is well aware of its corporate responsibilities and has been working towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Now, Handband is delighted to announce that they are launching new RPET recycled wristbands and bamboo wristbands in line with their sense of environmental responsibility.

RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is one of the easiest plastics to recycle as it is possible to melt it without risking burning the material so it is easy to reshape. This is why it is an ideal material for making wristbands, particularly for events where the band may only be worn once before it is returned. Handband prints custom RPET fabric wristbands in a variety of colours with a satiny smooth finish. The wristband can be made with a barrel lock or non-lock and can include additional security features such as barcoding, serialisation and UV weaves.

It is really important that more companies like Handband start using RPET. PET plastic is one of the most common forms of beach and ocean pollution. Gathering this plastic up isn’t just a case of reducing rubbish pollution, it is also a case of making the most of the resources we have. Virgin plastic is made using crude oil, a limited resource which will run out without due care. Recycling the plastic we have already produced is as environmentally friendly as it is a sensible and economical option.

Of course, recycling plastic is just one solution. Handband have also launched their brand new bamboo wristbands. These bands can be purchased with the locking or non-locking system but can only be printed in silkscreen due to the nature of the natural fibres. Bamboo is a really popular environmentally friendly product as the grass grows quickly, can be processed without heavy chemicals and will biodegrade at the end of its life. The wristbands are ideal for festivals, particularly those that are conscious of their carbon footprint.

For more information about Handband, please contact Michael Randall on 1300368980 or by email to info@handband.com.au. Check out their website https://www.handband.com.au/au/ for any further information.


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