Hand-blown Baseball Bat Decanter Gift Set An Ideal For Any Gift-giving Occasion By Surprises & Gifts

An exquisitely designed baseball bat decanter set by Surprises & Gifts suitable for any type of occasion.

Renowned for its vast and unique selection of gifts, e-commerce store Surprises & Gifts shares its idea of what would be a perfect gift for father’s day. With a wide collection of gift items, their baseball bat decanter with four whiskey glasses is a perfect choice of gift for any other special occasion.

The baseball bat decanter by Surprises & Gifts exhibits a unique design and is very much similar to an actual baseball bat in size with a capacity of approximately 750ml which is equivalent to a standard bottle of whiskey. In addition to that, the baseball bat decanter comes with four glasses each, with an ornate design of a protruding baseball shape right at the bottom of the glasses which adds to its exclusivity as a gift set. The full baseball bat decanter set is also inclusive of a beautiful mahogany wood decanter holder.

Not only would this be a unique and fun gift for the receiver, but the baseball bat decanter also stood out as a whiskey decanter with superior quality and craftsmanship. Surprises & Gifts’ hand-blown baseball bat decanter is made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass making it a safe alternative to glasses or crystals. 

The e-commerce store spokesperson mentioned, “we don’t want to follow the conventional trend but instead, to focus on pieces that we feel that our customers will be excited about.” He furthered that each and every item in store are distinctive and the collection is specially curated to be fun and quirky. 

You can find out more about the baseball bat decanter here at https://www.surprisesandgifts.com/products/baseball-bat-whiskey-decanter-set-with-4-baseball-glasses

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