HAMP 4 Homeowners Launches Providing Insights into Modification For Mortgages and Loans

HAMP 4 Homeowners launches gives a plain English explanation of the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program for individuals struggling with home repayments.

With the economic downturn blamed in part on individuals receiving mortgages they would never be able to repay, it is no surprise that many people still struggle keeping up monthly payments on mortgages, which regularly exceed more than half the person’s monthly income. In order to combat the problems this fiscal recklessness has caused, the HAMP scheme has been provisioned to help those in need create affordable repayment schemes, and HAMP4Homeowners.org explains in clear terms how the initiative can help homeowners struggling with debt.

For those with mortgages and loans that are out of control, a HAMP modification may be possible. This ensures that the repayment terms on loans of up to $729,750 can be renegotiated in line with government guidelines to ensure that repayments are calibrated to take no more than 31% of a borrower’s monthly income.

In order to qualify for the scheme individuals must be at risk of foreclosure and currently considered delinquent, or have a history of defaulting on loan payments. The scheme can then extend the period of mortgage repayments to lower monthly outgoings, or make a principal reduction or forbearance. HAMP 4 Homeowners explains all this and more in detail, so homeowners struggling with debt can begin to apply for assistance.

A spokesperson for HAMP 4 Homeowners explained, “For those who are behind on payments and at risk of foreclosure, the HAMP scheme can be an essential lifeline offering people in need a means to escape the debt trap. The scheme is deliberately designed according to each individual’s specific capability to repay loans, including setting the rate of repayment at less than a third of the individual’s income so they are still able to provide for their families while retaining the roof over their head. This intervention needs to be more widely understood and we are here to ensure that happens.”

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