Releases Statistics on Hair Loss for Both Sexes

With the help of various products, individuals find they can halt hair loss and often reverse it, reports Hair Growth Helper

Hair Growth Helper reports 90 percent of hair loss occurs as the result of a hormone byproduct, one known as DHT or dihydrotestostrone. Sadly, many products used to treat this condition come with harmful side effects, forcing many to choose between a full head of hair or the safety of not only themselves, but their family members. Hair Growth Helper understands this and offers options for those who wish to have a solution with fewer side effects.

"At some point in time, 40 percent of all humans, both male and female, will suffer from hair loss. Thankfully, many can treat this problem at home without the high cost of popular hair growth solutions or the need for a prescription. Hair Growth Helper reviews a number of these products to help consumers determine which product is likely to be of most benefit to them," Joe Hope, spokesperson for Hair Growth Helper, declares.

Many turn to Provillus ( when they wish to regrow hair, as this topical hair regrowth system has been shown to work. Provillus contains the vitamins, minerals, and proteins need for healthy hair follicles, and the company offers two formulas, one designed for males and one for females, as the causes for hair loss in the two sexes do differ. Although the ingredients in the two products are identical, the percentage of each ingredient varies, based on the sex using the product. Consumers feel confident using this product as all ingredients have undergone clinical testing to ensure they are safe.

Hope goes on to say these formulas have undergone clinical trials which show they are successful in promoting hair growth. Customer reviews echo the results seen in the clinical trials, with many claiming this to be the only product which has worked for them. Results won't be seen overnight, yet with regular use, individuals find their hair follicles begin functioning again, allowing for the growth of thick, healthy hair.

Others find they prefer to use Profollica (, an all natural product which works to reduce high levels of DHT in the body. High levels of this hormone byproduct account for many cases of male pattern baldness, as the hormone byproduct reduces the size of hair follicles while making them weaker. This product makes use of both an internal and external treatment for superior results.

"With regular use, consumers find their hair loss is slowed or halted and existing hair becomes stronger, making it less prone to breakage. Some individuals notice a regrowth of lost hair, as the product improves circulation to the scalp while increasing the amount of nutrients available to the hair. Males suffering from hair loss may wish to try this product, or one of the many others reviewed at Hair Growth Helper, to find the one which best meets their unique needs," Hope announces.

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Hair Growth Helper offers everything one needs to know about natural hair loss solutions. Individuals find the information, guides, and reviews offered on the site help them to make an informed decision as to which product will best meet their needs.

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