Hair Styling Girl Announces Women Spend, On Average, $44,300 on Their Hair

This figure only takes into account any money spent after a woman turns 18, reports

In 2013, reported the average woman spends $44,300 on their hair over their lifetime. This figure estimates the average woman lives to the age of 81 and spends $703 each each for salon visits, shampoo and hair styling products, coloring, and accessories like flat irons and clips. This figure also only takes into account what a woman spends during her adult years, failing to account for any money that is invested before she turns 18. Women need to take care when choosing products to use on their hair to ensure they aren't wasting money, and Hair Styling Girl ( can be of help.

"Women often invest their hard earned money on a product or tool only to find it doesn't produce the desired results. The site reviews various products and provides information on the features, design, quality and value of these items. Ladies find they can learn a great deal by visiting the site before making a purchase, and the reviews help them to avoid purchasing items that won't be of benefit to them," Holly Springer, spokesperson for, explains.

Many individuals look at products and wonder what some of the terms mean. For example, when a hair straightener claims to be ionic, this typically refers to negative ions. As hair that has been damaged tends to have a positive charge, the negative ions are need to neutralize the charge in the hair and smooth the hair shaft. Hair Styling Girl explains the terminology and how it relates to hair styling products.

"Ladies find the detailed information allows them to make educated choices about their hair styling equipment. In addition, the site explains the various types of materials used in these products, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each. Consumers find they can narrow the options with this information and avoid those products that aren't suitable for their hair," Springer continues.

The Daily Mail also conducted a survey on hair care, although this study took place in 2012. Their poll found that the average woman spends ten days in total each year ensuring her hair looks perfect, with an average of 40 minutes being spent each day. Another survey, taken during the same year, found that 12 percent of women have either opted to back out of an outing with their friends or canceled a date as their hair wouldn't cooperate. The right styling tools and products can ensure this does not happen.

"Visit Hair Styling Girl today to learn more about various products designed for use on the hair. The site reviews straighteners, curling irons and wands, hair dryers and hot air brushes, allowing women to find the right tool for their needs. Every woman will easily be able to find exactly what they require to have great hair every day," Springer declares.

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Hair Styling Girl understands the importance of great looking hair every day, yet recognizes the frustration of women who have purchased a product only to find it didn't meet their needs. The site examines various hair styling tools and provides information about these devices, their benefits and drawbacks.

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