Hair Runneth Over Launches Campaign To Educate The Public On Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Runneth Over a site dedicated to the natural restoration of health launches campaign to educate the public on hair loss solutions.

Statistics indicate 21 million women and 35 million men in America are currently suffering from hair loss with at least 80 percent of the female, 65 percent of the male, population expected to experience some degree of hair thinning by the age of 60. Though genetics play a role in some instances, research has revealed the majority of hair loss cases stems from stress and lack of adequate nutrition. In order to help those in this situation achieve noticeable hair growth and overall wellness, Hair Runneth Over has launched a campaign to educate the public regarding healthy, effective hair loss solutions.

LaRetta Ann Taylor of Hair Runneth Over explained, "Over the years, I have noticed the abundance of men and women with obvious hair loss. I, myself, suffered from a life threatening illness that affected the thickness of my own hair. Inspired by an episode of Oprah pertaining to fulfilling divine potential and armed with 26 years in the cosmetology industry, we performed countless hours of research on the subject. We combined all these elements to create our line of effective hair growth products; in addition, we offer advice on living a healthy lifestyle to promote a flourishing scalp and normal hair growth. These products, supplements and dietary changes helped me, along with countless others, achieve thicker, more lustrous hair."

Taylor continued, "We recommend a personalized hair tissue mineral analysis, which will help determine the cause of your individual hair loss. Dry, brittle and thinning hair is an indication the body lacks essential nutrients. Though supplements help, they may be unable to replenish the body's natural reserve. This step quickly provides a trace mineral analysis and provides information on the necessary nutritional balance for each client. Our health and hair care experts will advise our clients on appropriate use of our hair care management system. From there, we proceed to our exclusive line of natural hair care products."

"We formulated these products using a combination of essential oils and nutrients," stated Taylor, "Our Scrupulous Scalp Cleanser is based on a combination of enzymes designed to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. Our other products, including our Nurturing Scalp Formulary, Natural Hair Boost and Re-Awaken Follicular Formulary, contain Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, C, and E and moisturizers. Also included are 18 of the 22 amino acids that are the very basis of the cellular make up of the hair. We utilize pure emu oil along with black seed, jojoba and olive oils, ginko, nettle and rosemary. All these products have been proven to improve the health and appearance of black hair. Through our products and services, it is my sincere hope we can continue to help people restore their hair to its former thickness and sheen."

To encourage healthy growing hair, Hair Runneth Over services also include full Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks Services.

About Hair Runneth Over:
Founded by LaRetta Ann Taylor, Sr. Cosmetologist, Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Nutritional Balancing Consultant and Certified Iridologist, the mission of Hair Runneth Over is to help restore hair health and growth by promoting internal health. The company was set in motion by Taylor's own battle with cancer and her desire to return her hair and body to its natural state of vigor. Her dream was to help others do the same; as a result, Hair Runneth Over came to fruition.

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